Fixing up the nest

  It has to be an actual hormonal side effect of pregnancy... The urges of cleaning, reorganising and changing entire rooms have at times came on stronger than morning sickness!

Afterall it was the same stage of life that Laura Ashley herself started up her company, after having her second child and working as a part time secretary. Laura was the brains and creative designer behind the operation and her husband Bernard (an engineer) done all the craftsmanship.

I like to think that is slightly like the Corry house atm, I am the project manager and one coming up with the ideas. I think if the sickness and complications of this pregnancy aren't enough to put Colin (the poor soul that married me) off ever having another baby the 'to do' lists and silly requests are definitely!


This time alone we (mostly royal we) have painted every room in the house, bought a new sofa, changed the living room, added a stove and started on the outside of the house on top of the normal nursery decorating.


I love being thrifty and doing it myself to create a look I've spied on Pinterest or the latest House Beautiful magazine so to say I've got a little frustrated this time as I don't have the energy to paint the fence is an understatement.

Let's hope by the time baby is born, running after a diva toddler and trying to make myself half presentable to the outside world I still have the urge never mind the energy and time to even clean the floors.

Now I have to break it to Colin that I'd love the outside of the house painted...

Anna xx