A little update 

I have been pretty quiet on here this week because I will be induced in under 2 weeks and to be honest my mind is everywhere and with every tick off the to-do list, a new one is added. I thought I would give a little update of what I've been up to this week.

After an iron transfusion on Monday morning I felt my energy levels increase a little. Wednesday kicked off the motivation with some lovely prenatal yoga at home, I found myself a lot more positive to trust my body and what will be will be.

The 'to do' list 

I still have to get the Moses basket from the attic (need a man to get it so we are on their time!) wash the bedding, set monitors etc up and clean the house (again!)


Then I'm being torn the other direction... Bella. I am still sending her 2 days a week to my sister (couldn't even call it childcare as Bella skips out to see her auntie Clara and cousins) and still I feel awful for doing this! I am scared to miss a day sucking up Miss Bella having my undivided attention. Bella has got used to me being around more, she is clingy to me, climbs the bump like a mountain and is my shadow. I love it but the hours she is at Claras is the only time I get things done.


Along with the nesting and soaking up the small moments with Bella I am trying to find time to just stop and savour the feeling of the twisting and turning, because I am pretty sure this will be the last time that I will carry life in my tummy. To turn in the night and cuddle into my hubby while the bump presses against his back, both feeling the movement as baby moves to the heat of his back. To stop and acknowledge how blessed I am as I fold away tiny vests, babygrows and organise changing stations.

This week we also found time for each other, well we were supposed to go for a day at the spa but good weather is a rarity (also not ideal with such low blood pressure) and an oppurtunity we couldn't pass up so instead it was garden centres, hardware stores and some outside DIY.

We did manage to head out for dinner, just the two of us before, once again life as we know it changes.

Anna xx