Annie Florence Corry

 Our little Annie Florence Corry arrived into this world on Saturday 9th May at 10:49am weighing 6lb 9oz and 51cm long.

After a pretty tough and worrying pregnancy I was blessed with a healthy and quick labour. Even though I was induced I had a very positive experience. I began having some cramps at 11:30pm and got myself mobile, on a birthing ball and in the bath to keep things going.

I didn't let Colin know as I wanted to make sure he got a full night sleep, I preferred to be on my own as there was nothing anyone could do at this stage and I think there was something nice about the peace and quiet that relaxed me. When Colin arrived in the morning I went for another bath and then was told I was ready to go to delivery and that I was in established labour.

My midwife was more like a guardian angel and I will be eternally greatful as it was due to her care and positivity that I was able to have an induction that required minimum intervention (no drip etc to speed up) and I also got the support to use my breathing to manage a gas and air birth. 

I was in delivery for 1 hour 50 minutes before Annie was born. That feeling of relief, ecstasy  and love when meeting your precious bundle for the first time, as she is set on to your chest and you can hear those newborn cries are definitely lifes greatest! 

I couldn't have done it without Colin by my side as the comfort and empowerment I got from him was like no other. Moments in life don't get better than these and you just find a whole new meaning of love for one another and your new precious family.

Within a few hours Bella got to meet her little sister and the expression on her face was priceless. A moment I will treasure for the rest of my life!

We are blessed beyond measure with our 2 beautiful daughters, our little family is complete and my heart is bursting.

Thank you to everyone for their lovely calls, texts and mails. We appreciate every one of them!  


Anna, Colin, Bella and Annie xx