Two is company

I apologise for the published posts that then get deleted. The joys of sitting in the sun watching Bella play while writing it then jumping up to stop her falling means that I accidentally hit publish when it's only half written. Now that Annie is almost 6 weeks old I think I can safely say that Bella has accepted her little sister, actually more than accepted... She is completely head over heels in love with her 'Baby Annie'. Annie is not short of kisses or hugs from Bella, the hugs can involve Bella lying on top of Annie so constant watch is required and Annie very rarely is left in her bouncer while Bella is up as I feel cruel telling Bella to get off her.

Now there have been plenty of times where Bella wants mummy, daddy, nana or whoever the flavour of the day is that day, to put Annie down and lift her instead. I read somewhere before that introducing a sibling into a house was like your husband coming home, telling you he has got a new woman and telling you it's ok as he still loves you just as much. I must admit I wouldn't be as accepting of this so it's only natural that she wants to have the reassurance that she can still get the cuddles and attention too.

What has changed since Annie's arrival and I don't know if this is coincidence or not is the tantrums, they have seriously stepped up a notch. A beautiful day at Belfast Zoo also entailed a 20 minute squealing fit because Bella couldn't stay with the elephants and at that point it was very tempting to let her. I have to remind myself daily that Bella is still a baby, not even 2 yet and I find myself expecting so much more of my 'big girl' since Annie has come along. I'm sure I also would throw a horrid tantrum too if there was so much change in my life so I count my blessings every day that Bella has shown nothing but pure love for Annie and pray that this may continue.

In the meantime I try to give Bella lots of attention, playtime and cuddles and hope that she realises this new baby girl coming home has not made me have to share the love I have for her but instead while I watch the love and care she has for Annie, I love her more than I knew possible.

Anna xx