Anything but quiet

I have been meaning to post for weeks now but being super quiet on here is because we have been everything but quiet at home.  We have been having some work done to the house both inside and outside recently and I will show you some before and after pics soon! I thought nesting was bad but for some reason the thought of heading back to work makes me want these things all done and dusted (literally) before I go back as I feel like I will never have a minute after (probably true). 

Here is a little round up on some of the things we have been up to and wearing.

Stripes... I have always loved them but when ironing last week I realised I have worn stripes almost everyday for a week! It's because they are so easy to wear and a Breton top, jeans and a pair of pumps or converse is quick, simple style that also looks super chic. 

Even the girls had to get in on the action

  • Girls dresses both from Primark

Top can be found Here

Last month I met up with 2 girls in Dublin that I had the pleasure of meeting through the blog and Instagram. They have been amazing supporters and super inspiring both in their careers and also as mothers. I have so much to thank Emma for and many opportunities too. We hit it off so well in Dublin and the day passed too quickly that we 'had' to organise another day out soon so last week we met up in Belfast and stayed at Emma's utterly stunning home.  Afternoon tea, shopping and cocktails with friends in the sun, it was definitely a fabulous day! 

You will find Emma here and Tríona Here ♡

We didn't plan to be matching! 

Last week, along with work men at the house and Colin on nights, we had two sick little girls and surviving was the only thing we planned each day. As tough and exhausting as it was I felt so so grateful that it was me that got to hold them, me that Bella got to throw up over and me that carried Annie for 36 hours straight (OK a few times I was tearing my hair out here). I am going back to work in 2 weeks and am aware that very soon there will be days like this that I miss and that I will have to rely on family to step in when I can't be there. I sort of relished in the sick days, a reminder of how much I was still needed to comfort and hold an independent toddler and a way to slow down and focus solely on them, forgetting the distractions of renovating. 

That first day we were all dressed again and back outside felt great! It takes the hard days right? 

We are on snapchat now too, all the mess, chaos and funny moments... Come join us at 'blossomingbirds'. 

See you soon with some updates on what we are doing to the garden and house, have a great weekend! 

Anna xx