To my Annie bird 

1 year old 365 days

Countless hours in my arms

Many times praying for time to speed up, for days to get easier

Many times begging for time to slow down, to stay my baby, to keep needing me as much as you do.

Yet it has been a blink.

I will never forget that morning you were born, our eyes locking for the first time and feeling like I already knew you. I remember thinking in the early stages of our labour, as we lay alone in the bath at 4am and I realised that this was it, that it was just me and you, just the two of us, it was gonna be tough but we could do it together. I trusted us. Well I think that can perfectly sum up our year. Just us. You needing me and me needing you just as much. You hadn't the easiest few months (OK more like 8) I will always have a guilt, no words or convincing will remove, I will always question if I done enough to help you through all your little pains but we done our best and through the hours of rocking and loving we have an unbreakable bond. I will always be super protective over you. You have been far from an easy baby, but the best things in life don't come easy!

Since you have arrived your sister has adored every inch of you... Until you started to crawl and lift her stuff, goodness she didn't see that one coming. Witnessing the bond that you both have developed has been the biggest privilege of my life. I wrote a letter to her the week before you were born and hoped that giving her a sister would be the best gift, I have no doubt you are her greatest gift.

You arrived into this world with beauty, strength and purpose. You have made me a better person, you have taught me true patience, you have taught me that really anything more than 4 hours sleep is a luxury, not a necessity, you have taught me that a single smile can light up an entire room and that in every single day, no matter how tough there is beauty to be found. You are so, so beautiful.

You are such a mischievous wee rascal, you have no fear (I am grey with worry ) and painfully independent (did I mention we are so alike?)

You love to make others laugh, your smile lights up the room and you are so pleasant, you always smile at strangers and you are such a gentle little soul.

I love that you have truly taught us to see the beauty in the small things, holding your hand out to feel the rain, sticking your tongue out to taste it, then we all end up doing it too. I love exploring the world with you and your sister and I am beyond excited of what lies in store, our adventures all together.

Thank you for the lessons, the love, the days of holding each other, reminders of what is really important in life, the privilege of being your mama.

I hope you will always know that I am your number 1 supporter. I will always be there for you, I will always believe in you, when your sad, I am sad and when you are happy I am smiling with you. Whatever life throws at you, God willing I will be here to help you, hold you or be with you through it. I love you unconditionally today and alway.

I hope when/ if you read this, years down the line, that you smile and know you mean the world to your daddy, sister and I, we love you and that you are the cherry on our cake.

You are loved beyond measure,

Love mama

I am writing this at 11:45pm, your on my chest as you are teething and I'm holding on for that little bit longer before putting you back in to bed xx