I am a green fingered wannabe but have lots of room for improvement. I kill plants.

I honestly think they die the minute they realise what house they are coming to... But there is also the fact that plants lose their leaves in winter, a fact that my baby brain forgot so my beautiful hydrenga ended up in the brown bin.

Now we are clear on the level of gardening expertise I have I am sure I will lose at least 70% of readers here.

We have been in our home now for 5 years, it was a renovation project itself and the garden was always something we planned on doing, sooner than the 5 years but a few more important projects came first.

The paving was sunken, broken slabs and generally wasn't very pretty. I have always imagined a garden full of colour for the girls, full of pretty flowers, bright and clean so that's what we have went for. We wanted to utilise the small area we had to create a beautiful multifunctional space for the girls and also a perfect area for dining and entertaining.

We designed what we wanted as we went along, we added in extra paths that we hadn't originally planned to lead to the playhouse and added another flower bed.

2 apple trees have been planted (need to be planted in pairs to pollenate for fruit 😉), I thought they would be lovely for the girls to watch grow and pick their own apples.

Here's lots of before, during and after pictures of the garden.

Now if we can just keep this beautiful weather!

I can just imagine the fun that will be had with this little house, some of my favourite memories where spent in my own playhouse.

Anna xx

(If you would like more home and interiors posts please let me know, I could also post on the kitchen update 😘)

Playhouse from The Shed Factory

Fence paint country cream by Cuprinol

Playhouse is ronseal slate

Playhouse door farrow and ball calamine 

Bbq from Laura Ashley

Anniebella playhouse sign by fox and weave 

Bottle lantern by Laura Ashley

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