Career progression 

I shared with you all recently that after going back to work I decided to pick up where I left off before maternity leave and continue a development programme for promotion. This week a lady told me that she put her career on hold as her children came first. I had to take a big gulp and just smile back as I had neither the time to get into it or the desire but for that moment I felt like I wasn't putting my girls first.

The motivation for my career progression hasn't steamed from the desire to have more money, a bigger house or fancier holidays, it was actually for something money can't buy... Time with my family.

By stepping forward at work I could afford to drop a day and work a 4 day week now (I can't really call it part time as the 4 days are full on!). I now have 3 days off with the girls and I am really loving it! Financially leaving work is not an option for our family and also if I am honest I feel that by working I am a better mother also.

The opportunity for women to continue their career whilst striking that work life balance is becoming a little more accessible these days and is no longer just offered to those in the public sector.

I am super proud of the company  (a large supermarket retailer) I work  for and feel privledged to be the first in Northern Ireland to try this programme on a 4 day week, it supports women to be able to have their career and be there for their families too.

There are still many hurdles I have to jump before completing it and a few times I have questioned if the time is right with the pressure of both the programme and the girls but it all made sense for me to give it a go.

As leaving work for me just isn't an option, this is me putting my children first while still moving forward and stretching myself in my career too. Sometimes it doesn't have to be one or the other but don't get me wrong, I haven't nailed it yet!

Here are a few pics of my extra day off this week 'spending' as I should be... Time with the family!

 Anna xx