Days off together and multiple trips to Tesco 

I am off this week and it feels so good to be taking things a little slower, working in retail this is really my Christmas break. I haven't had many plans, I like it that way as sometimes you can feel the pressure to make everything 'amazing' but really just being with your little ones and chatting to them as you potter about can be amazing enough.  The passed 2 days has just been catching up on things around the house and some shopping to free up this weekend for family days and outdoor adventures.

Today Colin and I got the rare opportunity of a few hours to ourselves, lots of things needed done but a coffee and doing the grocery shop in peace was pretty attractive.  We wandered aimlessly around Tesco, chatting to familiar faces and stocked up on all the essentials in the baby event which is currently on.

When Bella heard today we were going to a baby event she requested a 'baby brudder' unfortunately it doesn't work that way though the returns process would be interesting. 

Nappies and babywipes was what I was stacking up on as babywipes are used for everything in this household, I carry a packet in my bag and run over my jacket every morning before I go into work to remove the remnants of breakfast (not my own may I add), I clean a lot of surfaces with them, clean shoes, oh and of course actually use them for what they were originally intended... Annie also likes pulling them one by one out of the packet, I'm pretty sure I work one day a month just to give her this privilege so when they are £7 for a box of 12 (58p each!) I stock pile them.

Of course one trip to Tesco in one day, on your holidays would not be enough for us and while looking through our shopping bags of nappies, wipes, mini eggs and wine, we realised we actually need something for dinner so two girls packed up and the bribery of a my little pony magazine at our disposal we braved a second trip. I am pretty sure the colleagues in Tesco think I come there to feed my kids as by the time they both take a banana from the produce aisle (how amazing is free fruit for kids!) and take little samples from the counter they are topped up for a little bit. Bella has fully adapted a 'try before you buy' technique and loves chatting to everyone, I'm pretty sure that chatting to Karen at the fish counter and learning a little about it is what makes her want to eat it in the evening and Ciaran (who if by any odd chance is reading this, totally rocks a beard cover!) now has my two eating turkey instead of ham! (Every little helps and all that for fussy eaters)

Annie decided another 2 packs would not do any harm and was relieved when I got chatting to a lovely member of staff (Aimee) who described that her 1 year old was also not sleeping at all during the night! Sometimes hearing this is like a hug, a big high 5 to all those parents doing an fabulous job at work and giving amazing service whilst feeling deliriously tired!

I am not a great cook, I am not even mediocre but we aren't going to get into that and I will not be ruining any blogging chances by posting the picture of my oven pizza that looked more like a giant chocolate chip cookie, but as I say to Colin, you can't have it all. I decided to pick up a recipe and all the ingredients (they were all beside each other so it took the thinking out of it) to make Colin and I a curry tonight with a glass of wine, he stood beside the fridge and actually said to me 'honestly dear we can just order a chinese' 🙄 he suggested I started with the sandwich recipe... A step by step guide, I can't go that wrong, right?

Music on, glass of wine in my hand, house remotely clean and the kids playing nicely I actually felt like I was rocking this domesticated wife role. I even knew where the cooker was from all the times cleaning it.  David does not add 'have a glass of Sauvignon blanc whilst preparing this' in his recipe but I would highly recommend you do so.

Colin can also eat his words along with the curry as we both agreed it was pretty delicious or in Colin's words 'you wouldn't get better from an Indian in the town, you can use that cooker whenever you want.'🙄 I will be trying a few more of these! Oh and here is a photographic evidence that I can actually cook.

Anna xx Some of the content of this post sponsored but I can assure you that the love for a bargain, great service and proving my husband wrong is entirely my own.