Blogging and me

Blogging is a funny thing. I don't really class myself as a 'blogger' as such but I do blog and document my everyday life online. That's a contridiction in itself, if you haven't been following for long, I'm northern Irish and we are good at that.

My career isn't in blogging, my main focus is on 'the day job', I am a manager and have over 100 in my team and the pressure for that alone can get pretty intense. The blog is a creative outlet, a bit of fun and a way to let my hair down that doesn't involve needing a babysitter or a couple of drinks as sometimes with 2 kids and a busy job you can quickly feel like you are no longer in your 20's. I have been so lucky that organically the blog has grown, it's been really unexpected and I have got some amazing opportunities through it. What is it they say, do something you love and you will never have to work a day in your life? 

I don't ever see it as a pressure to write a post, I think the day I do that I've lost the joy from it and it stops being authentic. 

Through my little hobby I have been able to work with some amazing companies, I know that sometimes people can be pretty negative about this as many times the products have clearly been sent and the post is sponsored (to cover time) but social media and blogging is a larger channel for advertising than television and magazines now with larger companies investing massive proportions of their advertising budget on social media and it's little wonder as it is so interactive and when the viewer wants to find out more about a product they have someone they can ask, email, find out sizing, details and opinions on it.... a little harder when you find it on a glossy page in vogue with a size zero model wearing it. But it's more then than just posting a picture or a blog it's helping others when they need it. 

I work pretty hard on the day job, I check emails late at night before I go to bed, I draft replies during night feeds and juggle conference calls and little ones on my days off and at the end of the month when the mortgage is paid, childcare is paid, oil put into the tank and food on the table I would find it hard to justify treating myself to a lovely watch (like many) so I'm not going to apologise for happily working with companies and only showing the products I really, really love.  So almost 2 years down the line from my first extremely amateur blog post I have really found my natural style, I have reminded myself not to over think it, not to check 400 times for spelling and grammar mistakes as, well, it's me and there will be thousands (if you want some fabulous English literature your barking up the wrong tree here) and I am now at the stage I think each week how glad I am that I didn't let the negative comments put me off or stop me. To be fair there were very few but isn't the human brain a funny one that in the middle of thousands supporting you focus on the catty group of girls or very few that just don't get it. 

When people say to me 'oh you blog' I would shrug it off and play it down, almost embarrassed like 'oh yea, sorry for spamming away' but I need to stop as I am actually really proud of what I have created, or we have, as a family! I love that our everyday moments have created a virtual book and I am glad that I can scroll back every so often with tears in my eyes looking at chubby baby rolls and have a giggle at the things that at the time seemed so big, I am glad I have documented the little firsts, I love that our family has got so many little opportunities through this wee hobby and I am glad it's pushed me as much out of my comfort zone as my job and motherhood has (as she gets ready for a press event in London tomorrow... I hope they enjoy talking about CBeebies or consumer habits). 

I have been questioning where the blog goes now and as the girls are getting more into toddler ages I am concious of how much I share of them, I never want to share anything that they could get embarrassed over and I also have a duty to protect them too so am very conscious about the type of pictures I share. You will maybe have noticed that the girls don't feature as much and the blog is taking a slight turn towards lifestyle, interiors and maybe with a little more confidence in myself I will share more on fashion but my biggest love and pride is 2 little girls and they will always be there too.

Thank you to all of the people that have always encouraged me, told me not to give up and I hope you stick around for what this next year has in store... I can't wait to bring you along with me!

Anna xx