March round up! 

March was a packed month and so many things I didn't get to touch upon so I thought I'd pick a few and do a quick round up on here of what's been going on and pop the pics alongside. Ballygally wine tasting evening.

At the start of the month I was invited along to an amazing 8 course meal and wine tasting evening in The Ballygally Hotel. I got to finally meet Fiona Brown, a lady I have been in contact via Instagram now for a while and we had the best nights laugh! I love when you meet someone that is just easy company and you feel like you have known a lifetime! 

Top Zara

Jeans topshop

Shoes primark a few years back 

A reminder to slow down

On our week off myself, Bella and Annie took unwell, just coughs and colds but enough to make us all feel pretty rotten. We were housebound and I made tea, pop corn and jam sandwiches as I never made it out for the groceries, the cupboards were bare... we ate this in a 'teepee' made from a bedsheets, pillows, duvets, 4 chairs and lots of teddies and we had the best day. It's nice to have days like this, nothing fancy, no pressures to go anywhere and I bet you this is up there with the girls favourite days this month! 

David Yurman with Lunns jewellers at the Merchant Hotel

Myself and my mum got a lovely invite to a fashion afternoon tea at the Merchant in Belfast where Lunns launched the David Yurman spring collection. The location was breath taking as usual, the food looked almost too amazing to eat (we managed it! 😉), the models showcased the most stunning and timeless staple pieces (this one has been on my lust list for a while) that would dress any outfit but best of all we had the honour of sitting with the host, Susie Lunn herself.... This is a strong statement to say when the jewellery is so breathtakingly stunning but when I left I couldn't stop talking about how inspiring and humble Susie was, the ultimate strong business women/ mama with no airs or graces and when chatting about business her main focus wasn't on the economy or keeping up with changing fashion but it was on how people are treated, about family and about supporting others. I got my wedding ring in Lunns jewellers in Belfast and it was such a wonderful experience and one that was made super special by the personal touches but now more than ever I will definitely be back as I love knowing that it is run by a small family with a complete diamond of a heart! (I have to say I was not asked to blog, or mention Lunns in anyway! I wanted to do this as I was so inspired by such a fab, modest business women and mother)

Work space

After sitting many evenings on the sofa completing work emails and/ or writing blog posts I have always wanted a work space, a little desk to base myself at but our house doesn't have any extra rooms for an office so I knew that I would have to create a small space and make it work. I have been loving ladder shelves, ladder towel racks and ladder desks but so many I looked at I couldn't find the perfect one. I know a local joiner and after giving the measurements and a quick brief he created a practical ladder desk that compliments my living room. I am so grateful that my Instagram and ameture blog has become my little business, I will always remain totally honest and true to our own style of things but I am also extremely proud of how things have developed! If I listened to the doubts I would have missed out on so much, so if there is anything you want to chase or really enjoy doing, do it now, do it well and don't listen to the doubts or doubters. Doing something you love will never be work!

Look after yourself.

On the back of my last point I feel this is a pretty big one. I doubted posting this, being honest felt maybe it might be embarrassing posting it myself but we all need to get over this 'embarrassment' and with a large following and 98% of that number females I feel that it's only right I send a reminder to us all. My blog and pages supports many businesses so I felt I need to use this for a little good and to support a message that our NHS is working very hard on. I am taking about Smear tests. We are all very good at looking after those around us but in order to be able to look after them we need to look after ourselves. It's a simple test, taking about 1 minute, slightly uncomfortable but not painful and it could save your life and could detect any potential or future problems. Females under 40 are called every 3 years so don't put it off, don't make excuses or feel embarrassed, look after your health and look after yourself. We all want to set great examples for our children and the best way to do that is to live them! 

I hope you all have a fabulous April and the brighter days are filled with lots of fun!

Anna xx