The hub of the home with The Cotswolds Company 

The kitchen table really is the heart of the home, I remember so clearly walking into our kitchen when bringing Bella home from the hospital with my mum, dad, sister and brother in law, nieces and nephew all around the table having a Chinese to celebrate. We have had Mother's Day breakfasts, birthday celebrations and many a decision made around the table. I knew that what ever table I choose it was to be one for life and I wanted to get it sooner rather than later when the girls were still young. I can imagine the birthday parties ahead, helping with homeworks, hearing about how school is going and all the bizz, Christmas dinners, problems solved and on down the line wedding breakfasts where we beam with pride and wonder how it was just a blink that we were painting and crafting and then hopefully someday we can sit around that very kitchen table with our grandkids as my granny's table is now in my mum and dads.... if only it could speak, many a story it could tell I am sure.

With all of this in mind I had been looking for a table for over a year now but just couldn't find that perfect one that I could commit to. I wanted it to be timeless, have a country feel with a modern twist, suit our kitchen but have the potential to fit in a larger space if we were ever to move and most importantly be extending without compromising on style.

When I found the Chester table with the grey painted base I knew it was perfect for our kitchen, starting at 180cm and extending up to 260cm, you can also just add one insert to bring it to 220cm.

With 14 in our family and regularly getting together and entertaining (more like order Chinese and heat the plates) I knew we could all get around the table even with a little shuffle up. That's when the best nights happen. 

The chairs are the Ledbury with a gently curved spindle back which gives the country style elegance but is plain enough to also compliment contemporary decor. I am over the moon with how perfect it is for our kitchen and I am not being precious about scratches or marks on the wood as I know it will just add even more character to the table and be another part of the story of our family growing up.

Anna xx