Bellas Bedroom

I don't know if it's the fact that I have been spending more than the normal amount of time around the house or that the day is creeping closer that Annie will be coming out of a cot and into a 'big girl bed' aka cot bed that has made me start to think of a reshuffle of the girls rooms.

Beanbag - Similar Here

Bed - Argos

Bedding - The White Company  Annie's room is a tiny box room, made slightly more awkward by me adding built in wardrobes (priorities before kids) to the slanted wall which means you can not put anything in front of them and you have to be able to open the doors, which is very restrictive and means bed or cot can only be along the main wall.

We (sorry I, added the 'we' to let Colin seem involved 😉) have been considering the two girls sharing a room but unless I add bunk beds then there is only space for the two beds and a little walk way in between, I'd love the girls rooms to be enjoyable for them too and the suggestion of removing the teepee to Bella wasn't going down well unless we really sold it to her.

We decided to take it down for a while to create more space in the room and also to help us make up our mind if we were going to put both girls in the one room.

They also would have a little area in Bella's room that they can share.... I know, I'm optimistic. Somedays they struggle sharing oxygen and others they are thee best of friends.

Steps beside bed - Here

Bunting- gift from a friend but similar here

Shelf above bed- made bespoke by local joiner.

  I wanted the space to be fun and have some of their little toys in it so that when I was running the bath or busy upstairs they could be upstairs also playing.

Dolls house - Asda

Basket - Home of Ada

I created a little more space in Annie's room by removing a ladder shelf and adding her toy basket instead, the ladder shelf was then added to Bella's room along with some prints, a little book corner (as that's what they loved the teepee most for), a wooden dolls house and a little basket of their tiny (2 inch pieces of plastic) figurines. 

Ladder shelf - Argos

Large B- Tk Max similar Here

Childrens Emma Bridgewater DAB and Bluetooth radio - Here 

What they have got most enjoyment from though and something I wouldn't have thought of adding previously was a little radio that also has Bluetooth connection to the phone meaning that the Little Mix album can be played on repeat. Honestly the dance moves that I have witnessed this week have made me laugh so hard I near burst a stitch.

A new dance floor for the girls and music on constant and I think that they love their updated space.

Personalised Straw hats - Sunshine and Shade

Prints from - Desenio (you can get 25% off on all stock except frames and handpicked until Thursday 27th July using code 'blossomingbirds25') 

Me -"Bella do you love your room like this" Bella -"Yes I love it but tomorrow you can put the teepee back up" Kids 🙈

Anna xx

*disclaimer- my 4 year old daughters bedroom is not normally this tidy. The clean up process was done for the purpose of this post and all cleaning up was entirely my own... we did however have fun messing it up together again 😉 

** I should also add that I painted Bellas room almost 5 years ago and I am unsure of what colour the grey is, I am pretty sure that it is Dulux Cornflower white. (I get asked lots on the colour so thought I'd add it in here) it was back in the day when grey was grey to me. How far we have come together 😜

 When I was taking these pics Bella brought me this pretty flower... these are the little things I want to remember 🌼