Teddy Bears' picnic with Irwin's Bakery

Oh looking at these pictures are making me crave the summer, outdoors with light dresses, sunglasses on and icy drinks in the sun. If anyone is on holiday and sees the big warm guy please bring him home, this wet weather isn't matching my summer wardrobe or helping two little eager girls. We have been doing lots of activities around the home recently and have been putting more of a focus on entertaining with simple pleasures. We have been creating tents in the living room on rainy days with the sofas pulled together, cushions scattered and old sheets on top and on the sunny days getting out in the garden, going on a pretend bear hunt and having a teddy bears' picnic.

Picnics are always huge hits in our house, when we head somewhere I always can't wait to tuck into the picnic so I have no idea who the girls take it after. Bella will eat anything, her favourite request though is a 'cold ham and cheese sandwich' (not a toastie) Annie however is a little more picky.

When local company Irwin's Bakery got in contact asking us to try a new product they had launched called Irwin's Better You bread, I couldn't wait to give it a go as I knew that the girls could get involved too. The bread is low in sugar and fat and although the latter is not a main focus for the little ones I am conscious myself with how much bread we all eat (could be up to 3 times per day) so I am always up for trying healthier alternatives and as they are high in fibre it's perfect for one little girl's troublesome tummy in particular.

With Annie being a picky eater, feeding time has to also be a fun time in our house so picnics with some teddy bear friends who want to get in on the action is always a welcome distraction.

With the summer holidays exhausting parents ideas for entertaining little ones sometimes the best moments aren't in the expensive days away but in our own homes, gardens and spending time together full of imagination. 

A few weeks ago we had a teddy bears picnic in the garden, pretended to go on a bear hunt and had our lunch by Goldilocks' cottage, with fresh fruit, smoothies, yogurts and sandwiches there wasn't much left over for Lily to clear. Bella told me that she had the best adventure. 

But today it's all about homemade soup, dippy Irwin's Better You bread and butter at our pretend cinema which is premiering Beauty and the Beast, an exclusive for our guests Princess Anna and Princess Elsa. 😉👑

Hopefully the sun will make an appearance  soon for a trip to the beach, after all what better filling for your sandwich than sand?  

We would love you to share your simple ways of entertaining little ones over the summer.

Anna xx

Irwins Better You range is available now across NI in Tesco, Centra, Iceland, Spar, Asda, Sainsbury's, SuperValu and Mace. I have also replaced my normal bread with the range. For recipes and more information on the Irwins products visit www.irwinsbakery.com

We are very proud to be working together with Irwin's Bakery for this post however the love for 'ham and cheese sannnwhiches' (cold) and a big mug of tea with buttery toast (real butter, always) is entirely our own, ok and probably the rest of the country.