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Power Dressing - Born in the second half of the 1970s and developed in the 1980s, power dressing is a fashion style that enables women to establish their authority in a professional and political environment traditionally dominated by men.

But I don't think we need to 'Power Dress'. Things have evolved since the 80's (myself included, late 80's may I add) and I'm glad it has as I really don't suit a shoulder pad.

I remember getting to the stage in my management career where I could swap my uniform for my own work wear.

Looking at others around me, I headed to Next and bought 3 variations of the same suit. A 'safe' choice that was made to replicate a man's suit. Material everywhere and cut in all the wrong places. Actually, at that point I was probably trying to replicate men and I'm just not talking about in my fashion sense. I was 22 with a lot to learn and fought my natural style. I was 'soft' and needed to be 'the boss' and needed to change my personality but I quickly learnt what felt uncomfortable with both my leadership style and my workwear style.



I quickly realised the poorly tailored grey pinstripe suits made my already tall, slim frame just look boyish. I realised that I didn't need to do that fast paced walk/ march, thank goodness, as it's a lot harder to do in 5 inch heels (which I actually love to wear as I don't get to at home). It lets me be 'Anna' in work. I started to let my own personality come through, have confidence in my own approach, proud to be a female in business and stop trying to replicate the style of the men around me (they were fab, inspirational in their own way but it just wasn't me). I do have other females to thank for this, ones I looked to and took inspiration from, to allow me to be me and I don't mean on how I dress. Once I got comfortable in myself I had the confidence to also wear what was my style. Don't underestimate the impact you have on others and always try to make that impact an encouraging, positive one.  I hope I do the same for the ladies and men I support going through their careers. Be yourself. I didn't have to create a 'Power' image from a suit, act or dress like others to be heard. The way I treat others is enough to gain respect and loyalty. Also, if you feel good in what you wear, it rubs off on your mood. Fact.



When I was going for a really big interview with work, once I prepared the business stuff, I went and bought myself new patent heels and a well cut, comfortable dress that give me the tiny nudge I needed to walk in with confidence. I used to spend as little as possible on work wear. Actually, when I came back to work after having Annie I didn't buy a single item for 6 months. I would save any good clothes for my days off but in the last few months I have taken an entirely different view- I wear work clothes more than I do my normal clothes. When I am wearing a well cut dress, a pop of colour that brightens my mood or a super comfy pair of trousers then I feel good, I feel more confident. So I have decided that the 'everyday' is good enough to wear that 'good top' as I dress for myself and not others.

They don't say 'give a girl the right shoes and she will conqour the world' for no reason. I bet she was wearing Valentinos.... one day Anna, one day.

Coat - Here

Jeans - Here

Shoes - Here



Dress - Here

Shoes - Similar here

Bag - Mulberry Similar Here (splurge) and Here 

Blouse - Here

Cropped Trousers - Here ( currently only available in nude and black) and similar Here

Shoes - Here (quick on sale and only a few left) and similar here

Bag - Here Similar Here

Blouse - Passed season but similar style Here and  Here

Trousers - Here

Shoes -Passed season but similar- Save Here and Splurge Here

Ipad Holder -  Here

Blazer - Here

Trousers - Similar Here

Shirt - Here and similar also Here

Shoes - Here



Dress - Here

Belt - Here (reversible)

Shoes - Passed season (next sale)


Dress - Here

Glasses from Opticare in Crumlin, you can find them here



Top - Here

Belt - Here

Shoes- Here

Skirt- Bought in Tesco Sale, struggling to find similar colour but this would be fab for autumn/ winter (on my wish list) here

Shirt - Here

Trousers- Here

Belt- As before

Bag - Here

Top - Passed season Next

Blazer- As before

Trousers- Similar Here

I hope that even if I haven't been able to link every item, you can take a little inspiration from it as 'work wear' is what I get asked about most often. I have only recently begun to really shop the items I love for work, have fewer items in my work wardrobe but they are better quality. I have more fun with my workwear as I think every working day needs a little quirky fun in it.

Anna xx

These pictures were all taken by the fabulous and extremely talented Jayne Lindsay, I was so nervous about going to take these and nearly backed out last minute but 10 outfits were shot in under 3 hours in the streets of Belfast (thanks to the Team at Bill Harris Hairdressing for being so amazing and opening your doors to us to get changed) Jayne and I had the best laugh, what a photographer! Thank you Lovely!!

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