The end of hormonal breakouts

This time last year my skin told a very different story. To be fair I don't blame it. I was in the middle of a 12 week placement for a promotion in work, Colin and I were taking it in turns to work nightshift, Annie wasn't well and literally stopped sleeping. When we were at home we were up all night with Annie and then going to work during the day and trying to make fully functioning decisions. I cried more than I ever cried in any period of my life, my endo had flared up and my hormones had really reset as I was starting to wean off breast feeding. A face full of adult acne sounds like the least of my worries but my confidence nose dived, it was the tip of the ice berg. From around March I began to get a grip of my skincare, I invested into it as, well, it's your face after all. There was a huge hormonal factor in this too as I had a lot going on health wise so getting a grip on that also helped things.

I shared on instagram stories about my skin finally settling, I even done a full set of stories with no make up on (someone pointed out I had tan on, yes I sure did but it gives zero coverage) so this was a huge step as going make up free in front of potentially 32,000 viewers is a little bit of a big deal. I also shared that I was going to get a facial and that I was very nervous about trying new products and the worry that it would aggravate my skin but my skin was dull, I had red patches and uneven skin tone so I wanted to do something to give my face a little love, a boost and refresh.

I was invited by Therapie Clinic in Belfast to come into their store for a treatment of my choice. I would have loved to try the laser hair removal, however with it requiring a minimum of 6 treatments, at the moment it wasn't something I could commit to keeping up as time has been so short. I choose a facial as I thought there probably is no better time or nudge to get a facial. I went up one Thursday evening for a basic facial that I had chosen but when I got into the clinic and got talking to the therapist Sorsha and told her about my skin issues that I've overcome and she recommended I got something that was more results driven.

I was recommended to get a more intense treatment that I would clearly notice a difference, a big focus being skin tone and radiance. After listening to some details of different treatments I opted for a 4 layer facial. As the 4 layer facial contains Glycolic acid to exfoliate the skin it was very important that I prepped my skin first so I was sent home with a Ageless cleanser by Image, a Serum and a Spf 50 moisturiser (spf is not something I use but after hearing the reasons you should use an spf I will ensure in the future that I continue to use it as even screens can be damaging to the skin!) I used the Ageless cleanser every other day and then built it up to daily. Once it did tingle my skin more than I would have liked so I give a 2 day break in between. If I am totally honest the results I noticed from the cleanser alone due to the exfoliation and cell renewal were the results that I had been after.

I loved the smell of the serum and believe that it helped sooth the skin and maintain the glow however it has took me a few weeks to get used to the texture of the product as it felt slightly tacky on the skin though it never affected my make up application or it lasting.

10 days later I headed back for the 4 layer facial. The facial itself only lasted 30 minutes which for me was ideal. 

I get the guilts when I have a day off work and spend too much time away from the girls (I know its silly) but time is precious so ideally I wanted a treatment that I was in and out but could still see results.

The treatment itself was a double cleanse, prep treatment, signature peel (this part tingled a little), exfoliation on top, signature peel again and then finally mask. Each layer stayed on (4 layer) and then finally when it was removed I had serum and moisturiser applied.

I  received a lot of messages regarding scarring from acne and pigmentation and I have some mild scarring between my eyebrows (I am a picker, I just can't leave it) but Sorsha advised that for pigmentation or acne scarring you need a more intense and area focused treatment such as laser treatment with a 360 machine. Therapie Clinic also do micro needling which is ideal for scaring but not pigmentation.

I decided after my treatment that I would book in for another 4 layer face peel with Sorsha in 4 weeks time to top up the treatment I have had and also to really 'Wipe the slate clean' so to speak with my face.

4 days later and I have 2 spots that have come up under the skin but I was expecting it as I know my skin got the deepest clean it has had in a long time. I am hoping that by the next treatment my skin will have no break out. I am also finding that my make up is lasting longer and not patching off the way it would have, I never related it before to areas of dead skin but now I think that may be a large part of it.

I am not as nervous now trying new facial products and hoping to invest next time in an eye cream as it is not something I currently use but as I am stepping into my 30th year I think it is about time!

  • Thank you to Therapie clinics for inviting me along to try out a treatment and for sponsoring this post. I wasn't asked by Therapie to do the insta stories or show my bare (with tan on) face but I was delighted with the results from the Image cleansing products alone. The cleanser is going to be a long term product for me for sure. I have booked in for another treatment next month to maintain the good work, I think I deserve the 30 minutes and skin that gives me confidence.

Anna xx