Online Shopping... Practically making money

Ok, exaggerated my title just a little. I do 80% of my shopping online, with working and 2 young children a day shopping and heading into changing rooms is a sure fire way to leave me in a hot mess, unsuccessful in finding anything and normally with 2 kids that have consumed their weekly allowance of E numbers in a desperate and failed attempt to bribe them.

SO that is why I online shop. I order, use my bedroom as my changing room (the reason why Bella may have told her nursery teacher that her mummy dresses up at night and goes out to work) and return what isn't suitable. Right now it's how I shop for most things, clothes, gifts, homeware and most weeks my groceries.

A few weeks back Quidco got in contact to ask me to try out their app that gives cash back for shopping online. Now I was a little taken back, cash back for shopping, you pay the same price as you see online and you get cash back through an app, what is the catch? There is none.

I looked into it and realized that loads of people already use it, 7 Million in fact! I was sort of kicking myself as I would consider myself money savvy and have a keen eye for a bargain but yet of all I missed this?

I checked it out before I agreed but as soon as I noticed there was over 4,300 retailers involved I signed up there and then and the registration process was really quick and straightforward. You just need to open the app on your phone ( or web browsers) and choose the retailer you are going to make a purchase from, it takes you to the website as normal and tracks your spend giving a percentage of how much you spent back into your Quidco account for you to withdraw into your PayPal or bank account once it has cleared.

I tried it out for 2 weeks out of curiosity to see how much cash back I would get. I actually think moving forward I will earn even more than this as the two weeks I tried it for I was so busy at work and many of the days were heading to work and coming home with no need for trains etc (you can even earn cash back on train tickets).

I made a a few Christmas purchases from The Great Little Trading Company, Early Learning Centre, The White Company and bought myself a coat from Boden. In the two weeks I was shocked to realize I earned £23 cash back. The reason I was so shocked was that if used this all the time I could potentially have hundreds of pounds back into my account over the year for just purchasing through an app. Life might be hectic and I know as well as the next person that time is precious but it takes less than 10 seconds.

I will definitely be keeping this up, it is a wiser way to spend money... it is hard earned but Quidco helps to make it a little easier to hold on to some. Next up I am going to sort out my monthly utility bills and home broadband to earn money back monthly without even thinking of it.

To register with Quidco and get a £10 welcome bonus click here.

Quidco have kindly sponsored this blog post but as always, all opinions, words and love of a bargain is my own.

Anna xx