Savvy shopping with Tesco

I think everyone feels the pinch after Christmas, or the January sales I mean who could miss those deals? Either way this time of year has a good way of lightening the pockets and January always feels like a pretty long month. I am all for the ways of making your money go further, I try to be a savvy shopper and wait for good sales, offers and keep my eyes open for the events that are up and coming.


One event that is just around the corner (11th January to be precise) and one which I love to stock up on the little ones essentials is the Tesco Baby event. Although our nappy days are more nappy nights now and the need for the cute baby baths and accessories days are dwindling I still do stock up on the baby wipes (I think they are an essential whatever the age), Aveeno products for Bellas skin and and Johnsons baby bath as it just smells divine and even I used it from time to time. One of my favourite things when expecting the girls was shopping the baby events, as silly as that sounds but I love the feeling of excitement getting organised for our little arrival (even better when the sting was taken out of the price of nappies 😉).

As Annie has had lots of little tummy troubles we haven't quite nailed the night time potty training as yet, she is a pro during the day but as she still gets a bottle before bed but I'm very much of the mindset that if it brings them comfort then I'm ok with that. At 2 1/2 she has loads of time to be the big girl. The Tesco Baby event has loads to offer as well as friendly help and advice. Actually if I'm honest it's what I love Tesco most about, their friendly staff that have always went out of their way. I will always recall the memory of one baby squealing in a car seat, a toddler running down an aisle and me wearing my gym clothes like I had actually been to a gym, dripping in stress sweat. A lady ran over to grab my basket off me and give me a hand with a knowing 'I've been there look', when I think of baby number 3 I try to remember moments like this (and the 197436 others).


One of my favourite things about Tesco baby event is that they always have offers on their kids clothing. I would be often found in the clothing section picking up little bits for the girls (and myself) one of my favourite dresses for the girls is from Tesco (and obviously is their favourite dress), I got Annie one to begin with and a kind lady on instagram give me the heads up Bellas size had become available online. Who doesn't need two Ballerinas in their life? You can find the dresses here.< img src="" class="size-full wp-image-3868" height="750" width="1000">Speaking of making money go further I have found the recipes section on the website and one of the sections that jumped out at me was the Slow cooker top 10 recipes. I am the first to admit I am no wizz in the kitchen but have been trying harder. Last minute and unorganised meals can be costly. A big factor is time so I have been giving the slow cooker ideas a go and found them both a hit with my two fussy eaters (Annie and Colin, Bella would eat anything!) and also found it both time and cost friendly. I have linked the recipe section here. Another fab tool is the leftover tool where you can pop in what you have left over and need to use up and it can match you with a recipe, another great way to reduce food waste and save the much needed pennies! Also the baby event will be online too and will be easily found in the Tesco Baby zone so you can even shop it from the comfort of your own sofa. Always easier than bringing little ones in tow.  Now that by being money savvy with food shopping, meal organising and stocking up on baby and toddler essentials that can otherwise be pretty costly it will help our money go a little further... now I don't feel so bad about all of them January online splurges!

The Tesco Baby event is on from the 11th January to the 29th January and will include great offers on many of parents favourite brands including Johnson & Johnson, Tommie Tippee, Aveeno, Pampers and Huggies. All of the items will be grouped together to make it even simpler to compare prices. Parenting has enough challenges, anything to make life a little simpler or shopping easier navigated is always very welcome.

Anna x

* The lovely people at Tesco asked me to take part in this post however all items that are pictured were bought before this time, they are the products we use, it's the place we shop and all words, images and opinions are my own (as usual).