Hello Beautiful.... Dressing table style.

And as Marilyn Monroe said 'A smile is the best make up a girl can wear' I wanted to create a pretty area, somewhere that whether it be 6am in the morning as I get ready for work, or 6pm at night as I get ready for a night out as I take my make up off and get ready for bed, I enjoy sitting there.


For many of us ladies the time we spend getting ready is perhaps the only time throughout the day we spend on ourselves, so may that be 5 minutes or 50 minutes it should be enjoyable and feel like a little bit of pampering. I have always been used to sitting on the floor at the full length mirror and truth be told, since having a dressing room for all of 1 month I am still sitting on the floor getting ready but I love the space I have. Old habits die hard!

This post really focuses around having a little desk and chair space as I think that's ample so if it's just a little corner in your bedroom or a small room I hope it gives a few ideas.


Lamp here (they say the bulb needed is £38, you can buy them in Ikea for £8)

Photo frame here

This little room was Annie's nursery but when she was ready to go into a single bed we thought it was just too small. It would have held a single bed and a small side table... at the bottom of the bed. We decided to move the two girls in together and get bunk beds with good storage. And that left a free room, well would ya fancy that! 😉

I wanted to create a pretty area that is enjoyable to sit at and get ready with all of my daily beauty staples on hand.

With a soft grey pallet of colour on the walls, I wanted to add soft pinks and gold to give the space a really light and feminine feel.


Pink velvet chair from Sostrene Grene, can only be bought in store

I had been eying up this table for a while and finally decided to treat myself after Christmas time, I knew I wanted a white marble top so it's easy to wipe clean with any make up spills but also to keep a bright airy feel to the room. I knew that all metals and colours would suit it and the small option in the table was the perfect size for this room.


I seem to have a soft spot for round and oval mirrors, I've one on the living room, one in the bathroom and now I went for a crushed gold round mirror from Laura Ashley in here. This one is a great size for a dressing table but also for a hall or above a fire place.


To accessorize I used other mirrored items, after all there's nothing more appropriate for a place to get ready and I think glass and mirrored items with brass trims are a simple way to add a luxurious feel. Mirrored Trinket dish here

Some of these accessories I've had for a while so it's lovely that they compliment the style of the room and I got to move items I already had around instead of going to a huge expense to buy everything new.


Feather trinket dish here

I also added some items to give a feel of comfort and contrast with the deep metals. I think candles and throws are perfect for this no matter what room you are dressing and the same applies in a dressing room (see what I done there, completely unintentional!)

I wanted to add a small occasional chair to the room for anyone who is with me so we can sit and chat (which is normally two little girls asking 'what's that?') I ordered a grey one on a whim in the Next Boxing Day sale... let's just say I was shocked at the size of it when it arrived however it's used loads especially by Bella and Annie who both lie up on it and have plenty of room. I love that it's turned into a little communal area and even though I do think it looks far too big for the room it works perfect for us as the girls really love to lie across it and fill me in with all their craic. My sofa chair is staying.


This space will also be used to bring my laptop up and use it as an office space as I feel it will make the perfect, creative little area. Sometimes in the chillier evenings throwing a blanket over your shoulders or over your lap is all you need so I usually leave a throw over the chair. The pink and green one was bought on sale in Oliver Bonas and is no longer available but the cream one can be found here.


I have a hand made basket I got before Christmas from Artisanne Home on instagram and I previously used it in the playroom to keep the girls dress up clothes in however, when I started moving items into this space I knew that it would be perfect and compliment the look I am going for. I also wanted somewhere for scarfs and hats and this is the perfect size. The baskets are ethnically made by ladies in Senegal, the weavers are proud to have an income to support their families and pass the skills down through the generations. The and precision that goes into these baskets is something else! I am hoping to add a wash basket to the collection for the top of the stairs (both for the look and practicalities) also supporting other ladies and their families.


To style the table I added a few books, a little gold tray, some candles, my perfumes and a cacti to add a little greenery. The little gold trinket dish is perfect for leaving jewellery on.


I have to be pretty organised and always try and leave out what the girls and I are wearing as the snooze button can be all too tempting in the morning. I added a hook to the wall instead of prints (which I intend to add in time) for something practical and help make life a little easier in the early mornings.


But if all else fails and the snooze button is hit a few too many times, you can skip the make up applying and a strong lippy will take the focus off the eyebags. A good lippy always has our backs.

Anna xx


'Simplicity is the keynote of all elegance' -Coco Chanel


It wouldn't be a house with kids without a mirror covered in handprints 💕

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