Mother’s Day get away with Joules


Sitting back to back with my mum in a yoga session while gazing outside at the surfers riding the waves of the Cornish coast, I listened carefully as the instructor described how our spines should be in contact. I turned and laughed as I said to mum that the last time we would have been this close she would have been carrying me.

It's funny though as it holds so much meaning, the spine is the first bone that is formed in our body and through my life my mum has held me up and give me strength just like it. She really is my back bone and I count my lucky stars for everyday we have together, the friendship we share and the support we can give can give one another.

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When Joules got in contact to invite us on a trip to the totally stunning Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall to celebrate the supporting female in your life this Mother's Day, we were so taken back! As much as we have always wanted to, the chances of us ever taking time away, just the two of us would have been slim, so this was such an amazing and welcomed opportunity. Colin was straight into action taking time off to look after the girls and nudged me on, he knew how much we both needed a little R&R.

We were both so excited and Cornwall has always been somewhere I have dreamt of visiting. It was our first trip away together for just mum and I and was the most welcome chance to chat, recharge and create unforgettable memories. I see mum several times a week as she looks after the girls while I'm work but I have to ring her when the girls are in bed to actually be able to speak to her, anyone with young kids will totally get this, you just don't get a word in edgeways.


Both mum and I have loved the Joules brand for many years, I remember buying my first Breton on sale (always after a bargain) and falling in love with the quality, colours and ethos of the brand. It reminds me of days in the garden, walking the coast on a Sunday with the breeze in your hair, walking through wet fields with brightly coloured kids running in front, essentially it reminds me of quality time, relaxed days and a little bit of fun.

Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine what would be in store for us when we arrived. We entered our beautiful nautically decorated room to have the most stunning Joules hold-all bags sitting waiting for us on our beds filled with a selection of the new Spring/ Summer items, were like children on Christmas morning with excited 'oh did you see this' screams. We had all the essentials to stay cosy and dry while enjoying the stunning location whatever the weather. What is it they say? 'There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing' - Alfred Wainwright

We were in such a blur of excitement and pinching ourselves that we were so lucky to have this opportunity that we didn't even take in the fun packed itinerary.


After meeting the small group of ladies over lunch we all instantly hit it off. The atmosphere and vibe was perfect and the connections that have been made through squares on instagram quickly turned into friendships with hearty laughs and fun stories being shared. We managed to be together a full 7 minutes before mum said 'in my day....' it was so lovely to have a real mix of ages and experiences in the group and made for the best evenings of stories.

The next morning mum and I had a lie in and a cuppa whilst watching This Morning. Breakfast not being to 9am was such a treat in itself! After a luxurious spa treatment and lunch we headed to try Nordic walking, the streets of Ballymena may watch out as Stella enjoyed it so much she is after two poles!

A favourite part of our trip was a visit to the fishing village of padstow, 30 minutes from Watergate. We visited the Joules store were they stayed open after hours for a preview of their new range while wondering around with bubbles. I choose little bits to bring back to the girls and Colin before heading for an explore around colourful Padstow and meeting everyone for dinner.


An early night sitting in bed and eating chocolate and drinking red wine with mum and it was like late night catch ups with your best friend, that's exactly what it was.

I was going to say it was a once in a lifetime opportunity but I can tell you now I am definitely planning another visit however next time I want to share it with the whole family.

Thanks to the incredible team at Joules with whom we had the most fabulous trip and for utterly spoiling us however time together has been the greatest gift with the most precious memories to last a lifetime. Cornwall you have stolen a piece of our hearts.

Anna x

A little shout out to these fabulous girls (and their supporting lady of their lives) who were the best company on this trip and I truly hope I get to meet again soon.

Rebecca - Rvk_loves

Amber - Amberrosephotos

Bunty- Buntyliving

Emily- Brickdustandglitter

Rachel - The Ordinary Lovely


Some images also of the beautiful Watergate Bay Hotel. I would love to return here someday with the girls as they cater so well for families with buckets and spades at the ready for the beach, games rooms, pet friendly and the most incredible food! I was under no obligation to blog for Joules and especially not the hotel but it was just something else and we had such an idyllic time here.