Summer plans and sun kissed tans with The White Company


Last week summer give us a beautiful teaser of what's to come and has flung me fully into summer mode. Goodness was I ready for it. The legs after a long winter hidden however took a little more persuading however.

Pom Pom t-shirt - here

Shorts- here

We have booked a holiday to Malta at the end of August, it still seems pretty far away at the moment but it feels so good to have something to look forward to. I have been starting to slowly invest in some new summer clothing whenever I can, even if the weather isn't tropical temperatures yet, I've tried to layer them up to still get the wear.


Espadrilles- here


When investing in summer items I love to ensure that they look great layered up so they can be worn in foreign heat as well as the Northern Irish climates- especially as often it feels like we only seem to get 2 months Spring/ Summer.


Pom Pom Basket Bag - here

Scarf- here

Adoring the pom pom and tassel details on the bag and scarf.

I love items that you know will come out again and again, the items that will travel to as many locations as your passport and remain timeless throughout the ages. (And of course a Pom Pom wicker basket for hanging up in the hall all year around, or to hold fresh flowers... Me, an Instagram cliché? Never 😜)

Plain crisp white t-shirts and stripes are my go to staple and added with the twist of Pom Pom details and straw baskets have me sold. It's the epitome of simplicity but with enough subtle details to add interest.


We have started to make plans for some travel around Malta and a boat trip to Gozo as I have been told it is a must. The girls will just be happy to have sunshine and a swimming pool and I have to agree, with some great food added in of course. Life can be busy and hectic so I love to go with the plan of relaxing with good company and food, everything on top of that is a bonus.


I picked this outfit from The White Company as I can imagine it with a large soft cardigan for our holidays at the caravan in July (where the wellies will probably be added too) and also stripped back and simple on the coast of Malta. I've already paired the Pom Pom white tee and espadrilles with jeans for the NI weather but whatever the country, I'm ready to see the sunshine... even if it's just my clothes bringing the summer.


Have you an item that comes out year after year? And also any Malta recommendations? I'd love to hear them!

Anna xx


This post is in collaboration with The White Company and is one which I am especially excited to be working on. As always, all views, images and words are my own.