Summer together

I have made the decision to take some extended time off work. An option that I'm extremely grateful for my company offering. I have to admit initially it didn't feel like a choice but more of an 'ought to do' for reasons I touched upon in my previous post but now that the decision is made and my job has went up as a temporary post (alllll the nervous butterflies!) I am insanely excited about this opportunity.


I will have time with family and the girls. I won't come out with quotes like "I have a lifetime of work but kids are only young once" as many times before reading things like this upset me, and made me feel like my 'choice' or 'needs must' (for a multitude of reasons) to have a career was the wrong one. We are both bread winners of the house and two working parents is the right path for us. Right now though I feel I can't afford not to take this time and I know I'll never look back and regret it.

I have touched upon it a few times before about how rough my maternity leave was with Annie, it wasn't the dreamy bliss of spending more quality time with Bella and adventures with a wee sleeping baby in the pram but in many ways now I can see how perfect and 'meant to be' it was for us. Along with the closest of bonds from days just holding and rocking that wee baby I got to build this wee platform from my focus of trying to find the little bits of 'perfect in everyday'. It was my own way of looking after my mental health when not leaving the house with 2 kids under 2.


I am grabbing all the positives and opportunities for this time off, for time with the kids doing lots and very little in equal measure, giving myself the chance to breath after 2 years of giving my all climbing the career ladder I had already jumped on while trying to still be the best mummy I could be to the two little girls. I am also relieving my wee mammy for a little while of childminding duties and getting to just enjoy Nana and Papa ♡


What's the plans?

Well I'm excited that we have already booked two trips, a little break to the South of England in July with Colin's parents where we will be camping for 2 nights and glamping for 3 (because I'm too glamorous to camp for any longer, jokes! The glamping pods were just booked up). We are also heading to Malta in August for my big birthday!

And other than that...

In September I will be the one that drops off and picks up two little girls as they start off on their early journeys of nursery and primary one. I will be that school gate mum for a little while and I'll be bloody proud!

And for the days in between....

I hope to pitch the tent in the back garden, have pj days and enjoy the underrated beans on toast... after all it's not really about the adventure, but those you share it with, I hope the girls always remember 'that' summer that mummy was always there!

Anna x