Thinking ahead for 'Back to school with Marks and Spencer'


'Back to School' A phrase I'm sure not many will want to hear yet with the school year just finishing. However when Marks and Spencer got in touch to ask if I would like to collaborate with them for 'Back to School' I knew I had to get involved. I also feel like the new student when it comes to parenting school children (wow did I really just say that?) I am so keen and eager that want to be early to the party, though it may be a different story in a few years time. I wanted to be organised and to be able to enjoy my summer off with the girls feeling that we are sorted for the school year ahead.

I may seem mad (tell us something new Anna) but I know this time will fly in, we are also away for a few little breaks throughout the summer so I am adamant to be organised for at least one thing. I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to be the one bringing the girls both into Primary 1 and Nursery and pick them up everyday for their first month before I head back to work. I know it's a little thing but it is a big thing to me and days I know I will always treasure.

Before Marks and Spencer got in contact my mum already bought the girls little pinafores and polo shirts from M&S, having put 4 children through school herself she knew from her own experience how high their standard of quality, comfort and shape is.


My girls as you may already know are modern day princesses, and by that I mean they love princesses but also love to dig for worms in an Elsa dress, see who can run the fastest, climb, be curious and won't sit back. Independent Princesses at their best.


With this wild, fun and curious nature comes a little pressure for whatever clothing they are wearing! A dress won't hold these girls back from climbing! Bella's pinafore from last year stood all the countless washes, spills, non iron days (lack of time in the morning) and still looked well at the end of the year... so well Colin suggested we got Annie just a new school jumper and Bella's old school uniform down.


The girls love to wear dresses and skirts, we are actually going through a wee phase with Annie that she is refusing to wear trousers and that's fine. It's important for me that the girls really love their uniform and feel comfortable and confident with what they wear as although they may only be 3 and 4, I know myself that when going in to work if I feel comfortable and confident in what I'm wearing then I'm set up for the day.

Contrary to my organisation for back to school I am also a realist and sometimes juggling work and school, I slip up on the washing area. I decided this year to relieve the pressure and order both a pinafore and the two pack skirts to ensure I always have a back up. The Non Iron pinafore also comes in a two pack, great quality and value.


I added in the cotton rich jumpers for both girls and also the cotton rich cardigan for Bella as she will be in the full day at school and I wanted to ensure they are easily removed if she wants to take them off without help. The cotton rich means they will still be cosy even though they are light weight, meaning they won't feel like they are constricting and in their way.

The easy iron shirts come in a three pack which is great value and I also got the 3 pack short sleeve cotton polo shirts for the earlier months of the year and spring/summer next year again when the weather is that little bit warmer.

I got the girls these navy all over printed coats that have the fun multicolored spots, are machine washable (a must) and have StormWear technology as well as being water resistant. All the things that matter for keeping our little ones warm and comfortable.


Who knew how much school bags meant to little ones? The girls had full say in theirs, they needed to be fun, sparkly for Annie and for Bella hers needed to be large enough to hold the long awaited homework folders without damaging it (let's hope her eagerness continues). Annie's Rainbow Sparkle bag can be found here and Bella's floral back pack satchel can be found here. The lunch bag (there is also a school bag to match this one) is a great size and will also comfortably fit in a water bottle.

I picked up these little workbooks in store (also available online here) and we have had a few of them before. They come with a wipeable pen and help with numbers, letters and words. Annie has just started to use them recently and is really enjoying her 'big girl homework'.


The leather school shoes with velcro straps were a must for us this year meaning that the girls could have the hassle free independence of taking them on and off themselves. The shoes have Freshfeet technology meaning the shoes stay fresh and odour remains to a minimum. They also state they are scruff resistant which I am really curious to see as with all of the running, skipping and jumping these girls can be hard on their shoes. The patient also looks so smart and they are easily wiped clean.

I got the girls both knee high socks, ankle socks with a frill and tights. It's handy as I use the same socks and tights for both school and with their little day to day dresses. I love how well Marks and Spencer socks and tights wash and that's on a personal level also for me, the kidswear is the same.


With my organization at an all time high and the girls excitement for big school and a new uniform at another level of excitement I am looking forward to enjoying these precious and fun filled summer weeks with these pair. There is still 20% off school Uniforms until Tuesday 3rd July, another reason to get ahead and organised for the school year ahead. Have a fabulous summer whatever you are up to.

Anna xx

Thank you to Marks and Spencer for sponsoring this post along with Shopping Links. We all really enjoyed being involved in this collaboration and as always, all words, images and views are my own.

Thank you for your continued support also and for reading xx


My Jumpsuit was bought in store, limited sizes left but can be found here