Hair care with Johnson's Baby


Up until a few months ago I was still washing the girls hair in Johnson's No More Tears that I had been using on them from birth. I have to admit I didn't know much about children's haircare so I knew I was sticking to the safe and fool proof option.

I never considered using condtioner on a Childs hair, then I wondered why I heard the moans and groans when brushing Bella's hair after a bath. Since I have found out more about childrens hair care through the Johnson's Ambassador programme it seems obvious now.

Your mum dragging a brush through your tats while demanding you "stand at peace" (just my childhood memories?) doesn't need to be a rite of passage and can be helped by using something to smooth and detangle hair.

I have been loving using the Johnson's Shiny drops Shampoo and conditioner and about once per week also the Shiny Drop Conditioning spray. My girls have fine and straight hair so don't need it any more than that right now but it would be perfect for dry, frizzy or curly hair.

Hair doesn't fully develop until children are 12 years old which means it needs looked after differently to that of an adult but also doesn't mean that it takes less care. I have to admit I use shampoo, conditioner and the odd hair mask too. Learning more about children's hair and the care it needs has made me ensure I treat the girls hair like I do my own with the products it too needs.

Every Childs hair varies in structure and manageability so needs to be looked after differently in order to keep the hair and scalp healthy.

The Shiny Drops range that I have been using on the girls hair contains argan oil and a touch of silk proteins, the conditioner spray can  also be used on wet or dry hair so perfect for little ones that have frizzy and hard to tame hair.

I am grateful that bath time has always been a fun time in this house but recently my independent ladies have been wanting my help less and less. They have started to insist that they play hairdressers and wash each others hair and I just get to rinse it at the end. Thankfully the Shiny Drops Range still includes the No More Tears formula that Johnson's is known for and what attracted me to the original No More Tears Shampoo I've been buying for the last 5 years.

Another great product for those with little ones that hair tangles easily is the No More Tangles Range, it also comes with Shampoo, Conditioner and a Conditioner spray that can also be used on wet or dry hair to help remove the tangles and ensure that brushing hair doesn't hurt.

Throughout this I learnt more about cradle cap which is something that both of my girls got and at the time I found hard to remove it. I thought I would share the tips to remove it and hope it will also help others. I should say that it is common and harmless but the yellow, scaly patches are clearly visible especially if the little one has short hair.

- regular washing of the scalp with a baby shampoo, followed by gentle brushing with a soft brush to loosen scales

- soften the scales with baby oil first, followed by gentle brushing, and then wash off with baby shampoo

- soak the crusts overnight with white petroleum jelly, or vegetable or olive oil, and shampoo in the morning.

- If these methods don't work, speak to your pharmacist or GP.

Hope this helps and would love to know what you use on your little ones hair.

Anna xx

This post is a sponsored post and a part of the Johnson's Ambassadors program that I am proud to be part of and thankful for the things I've learnt so far.