Princesses doing it for themselves


Like most little girls, Bella and Annie love a good fairy tale. They love cuddling up in the evening and listening to stories about Princesses, Mermaids and even a crazy love for witches (questionable).

In most of the fairy tales the princesses get themselves into a bit of bother and it takes a handsome prince to save them. Pretty girls without much common sense and not a reflection on modern heroines that are out there and can do it for themselves. I want my girls to grow up feeling empowered, that there's no need to look for a Prince Charming to rely on, they can achieve goals of their own when they set their minds to it.

'Fairer Tales' is a modern twist on the classic fairy tales of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel who are modern heroines, determined and clever and find their happily ever after on their own terms.

The book was written by Emma Dodd, who is an award winning children's author. HSBC UK helped to create the book as research shows that gender stereotyping within some of the traditional stories we tell to our children plays a key role in shaping attitudes and financial behaviors that last a lifetime. The aim is to show that women can live fulfilling lives by having financial confidence and using their own initiative.

I am loving the balance on the old fairy tales, inspiring young and curious minds and I have to admit, this is my favourite version.

The e-book 'Fairer Tales' by Emma Dodd can be downloaded here for free.

Anna xx

This post was kindly sponsored by HSBC but as always, all words, images and opinions are my own.