December goals

This post may seem like the opposite of goal setting as what I really aim to do is less instead of more. Something that doesn't come natural to me and also something I believe that at this time of year the 'to do' list (and an extensive one at that) can feel forced upon us.

When I changed careers I believed that once we moved house life would quieten down but it hasn't. It's been as busy as always with late nights due to deadlines and also prep for new clients completed. But it's not been a negative busy. I have been thriving instead of just surviving. The time may be still heavily invested but a stressful plate has been set down.


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Last year I remember literally dreaming for more time at home, to finish work at acceptable times of the day to be there for dinner and the girls bath, or even when I was at home, being fully present.

I decided to mark out time in my diary to ensure I don't overfill, it can be tempting when self employed 'just in case the new year is quiet'. These years of the heightened excitement are limited.

I sometimes feel the phrases like 'being present', 'quality time', 'self care' are thrown around and it's yet another thing to beat ourselves up with.

This isn't what the aim of this post is.

I am taking the same attitude this Christmas as last year. Right now we have no Christmas trails booked, we may do one and we may not. I've not scrolled Pinterest to find the fanciest Scandi way to wrap a selection box, nor will I be hiding a elf around and helping the freaky stuffed toy make a snow angel out of flour, my flour may actually never be used and if I manage to make Christmas cookies they might be out of a box from Mrs Crocker. Praise the Lord for Mrs Crocker, one egg and 10 minutes is sometimes all I need to seem like a fab mum to two littles with lower expectations of me than what I have of myself.

My December goal is to give myself a break, reduce the work load and the mental load.

Watch boxsets with my husband in the evening instead of being on my laptop.

Essentially my goal for December is to really assess my 'to do' list and decide what is necessary and what is not. What adds undue pressure to impress others at the expense of time with my family and my stress levels.

I encourage you to do the same. Let's give ourselves the greatest gift this Christmas, let's give ourselves a break!

Anna xx


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