Dress for the occasion (AD)

I love a good excuse to get dressed up. When I was cool and went out lots (It did happen many moons ago, not entirely sure about the cool bit though) the part of the night I loved the most was getting ready with friends and all the chat before hand. I do still love planning what I'm going to wear though it's more often for an event now than a night out.


We are on the cusp of wedding season and I've managed to get myself invited to 3, 2 of which are in the same week so I am trying to be smart and work out what weddings I can double up the outfits to.

One of the wedding is a more casual garden party theme and I love that! I feel that weddings are becoming more relaxed with the need for fascinators and stiff dresses reducing. It also means that a lot of the outfits now can be repurposed for other occasions too.

I plan to wear this Ted Baker dressto 2 of the weddings (different guests) and also a night out for a friends big birthday too (will just have to limit the social media posts... I mean Facebook and Instagram is not good when you want to live in the same outfit!)


This bagalso has a long chain strap that can be worn by your side of cross body and love the leopard print design, think this bag would also look fab with this orange dress too found here.


These sandalswill be great with jeans and a nice top, pretty sure that's a dress code in itself "yea, I'm just wearing jeans with a nice top and heels" I've definitely said that before.

This is a paid post with Ted Baker who are offering 20% off a selected range for Mother's Day (and the dress is currently 30% off!)

Anna xx

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