Dressing for comfort (AD- with Very UK)


The title is showing my age and priorities for sure.

I had a rough pregnancy with Annie, constant heart palpitations, irregular heart beat and struggling to breath which left me light headed, a habit of randomly passing out and a few stints in hospital from 16 weeks. This time has been a lot easier (so far, always scared to speak too soon) but I would say that I am apprehensive about it.

I much rather wear clothing that doesn’t feel restrictive though I do think it’s more of a mental thing now than actual discomfort. Material has to have a good stretch. I recently told a friend how I felt especially restricted in clothing when expecting and she agreed straight away. I actually thought it was only me and glad to hear that ‘trying to catch a breath’ is a normal pregnancy symptom.

Striped dress here (on sale)- Sliders here

This is the first time I will be in my second and third trimester over the summer months (May and July babies before) and really banking on spending most of my time in dresses, skirts, trainers and sandals. The weather hasn’t been playing ball recently but i’ve been adding a denim jacket when needed as thankfully the temperature has raised enough.

The orange dress (found here) doesn’t stretch but I love the shape of it and know that it will be a staple that’s brought out over the years.


This black stretch dress has held the shape really well and I believe it’s really flattering on. I know there’s limited sizes left but linked here again, I sized up. The high top Converse are also linked here and I find them true to size.

The black skirt (found here) is the only maternity piece, I’ve been scrolling Pinterest for some ideas and loved the plain tube dresses, skirts and converse look. The skirt is an ‘over the bump’ one with plenty of stretch for comfort. I ordered my regular size and styled it this time with a plain white non maternity tee that sized up (found here), I love the shape of these tees and have worn this one also a few times with jeans and a blazer or open shirt.


I have started a maternity Inspo folder on Pinterest that I’v linked here.

Anna xx