Summer sale buys under £20 {AD- Very}

I feel I’m now at the stage that I definitely need to be thinking about maternity wear. To be honest the maternity jeans have been out since 12 weeks as I popped really early, but then I felt like I didn’t get much bigger for a while, until now.


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In the 4 years since having Annie I feel like baby items have changed so much and in some cases the pregnancy/ parenting advice. I don’t feel like maternity wear has changed much so I’ve found myself resorting to the advised against ‘sizing up’ in regular clothes, well tops and dresses anyway as I with jeans and trousers it just doesn’t work.

I made a few summer dress purchases for our holiday which will hopefully see me through the summer too as I find dresses the most comfortable. They are mainly non maternity but I’ve included two maternity dresses too which have a lot of stretch in them and couldn’t help but include two little outfits for the girls too. Thought these were lovely items at a great price as right now the summer doesn’t feel so reliable and summer holidays just aren’t long enough!

Anna x

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*This post is part of my paid collaboration with Very however some items I have purchased myself separate to this collaboration. Post contains tracked links but I do not earn a commission from any purchase.