Monthly round up with Very (AD)

July has pleasantly surprised us with some days that actually resemble summer. It’s also come at a pretty good time as this month has been the best and most energetic I’ve been feeling too, meaning I’ve started to tidy up the garden, finally get the fence painted beside the Wendy house and most importantly start the baby’s nursery.

I’m in the third trimester now and I feel I am doubling in size by the day however even the heatwave couldn’t stop my desire to ‘get sh*t done’. I choose the hottest day of the year to clean the windows and rearrange the furniture (well direct the moving while I cleaned). I have found that the fan has been my bestfriend, we got it last year for heating the sunroom. If we had designed/built this house I would have loved underfloor heating in the kitchen, living room, sunroom area and find the sunroom chilly in winter so believed the fan was a good investment as we could also to turn the heat on from the Dyson app before arriving home. Never did I foresee that I would be carrying it up and down the stairs daily to use as a fan. I’ve read many mixed reviews about it but I LOVE the Dyson Hot/Cool fan which I’ve linked here.


(not gifted or part of the Very campaign but it’s been my best friend this month!)

We had planned before Easter to extend the patio area in front of the playhouse but after a bit of a rough time with a family members health we thought screw it and booked a last minute holiday with them instead. I have no regrets! However the plan to create a garden area has changed to digging out some of the grass and adding stones instead of slabs to create a seated area in front of the play house which we (well, I will lift the spade and pretend to start until Colin takes over and does it) will start next weekend.


Outdoor mirror can be found here

We have created a small outdoor area which I love outside the sunroom and have been taking my laptop out to work at as the girls are out playing. I feel that the outdoor rug dresses the area and I bought some lanterns and plants to style it too. I don’t lift the rug in and out so just let it get wet and dry again which as been fine. I do lift in the cushions for the furniture set though.

Outdoor furniture set found here (purchased before I worked with Very).

Love this table and chair set found here

I’ve still been trying to live in dresses as much as possible for comfort. I have few pairs of skinny jeans that I love as they stay up and don’t go saggy at the knees including this pair from Very (found here). I have to say though despite how great any pair of jeans are, I dislike the restrictive/ tight feeling around my stomach that over the bump jeans give me and I find the ‘under the bump’ jeans drive me mad from pulling them up every 2 minutes. However there are days I just want to wear jeans and a top so it’s nice having good fitting ones but I try as much as possible to wear dresses and I foresee this being the case from here on in (well I’ll see what September and the cold brings!).

Over the bump jeans linked here. White lace insert shirt linked here Birkinstocks linked here

We are going camping this weekend to Devon to meet up with Colin’s family, they have been every year for over 20 years and we joined them last year and had a ball. However we booked the flights back in February when I was 6 weeks pregnant and forgot how much of a silly idea this may be( for comfort/ sleeping / lack of toilet arrangement reasons). I know the girls will love it and they can’t wait to spend some time with their cousins from England. With setting up the business this year and working over half the time from home, the girls summer holidays have revolved a lot around me having the laptop open at home or on conference calls which is a very lucky position to be in as the aim was to be around them more/ have the flexibility, so we have been very lucky to have planned a few short breaks in between Colin’s shift changes to give them one on one time before they go back to school, Annie starts school and the baby arrives.

Dress linked here Sliders linked here

My weather app for Devon says sunshine and rain but the Fiat 500 car booked for the 4 of us tells me I can pick one season and pack one small suitcase for the 4 of us. Capsule packing…. now that doesn’t come natural to me!

Hope you are having a good summer!

Anna xx

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