Nursery 🌿

I’m very excited to share the little space we have created for ‘our wee baby bird’ in the words of Annie.

For me, it’s turned out even nicer than I had imagined and love how different it is with the earthy tones from the white and grey base I used with both the girls nurseries.


I decorated both Bella and Annie’s nurseries early on at around 20 weeks but with Annie it was pretty basic changing a dressing room into a baby room. I was glad I was organised early though as I took unwell shortly after and spent a lot of time in hospital. That always plays in the back on my mind though a room is definitely not essential for a baby, more of a nice to have and for me this time a space I’ve really enjoyed creating and taking time out in.


I originally wanted to paint the room a duck egg blue but everything I tried was too blue or too dark. My friend suggested opting for a green pallet instead to compliment the view from the window which overlooks farmers fields and sheep. 5 testers of paint later Colin spied Cromarty on the F&B paint chart and told me to just go for it! I feel it’s the perfect light green with a chalky tone.


The top of the panelling is Wevet (though mixed in Johnston’s paint from the Decorating Centre) which is carried throughout most of the house. With large areas or very pale colours I would normally get the Farrow and Ball colours matched (due to a huge price difference) but for smaller areas or very specific shades (like our bathroom panelling, girls panelling, kitchen etc) I don’t want to risk a slight variation in shade, though my painter disagrees.


I’ve been slowly adding panelling to the house and knew I wanted it in the nursery to add texture and make the walls feel less bare.

I would love to say I did it myself but I’ve used the same joiner that’s also done the girls room, bathroom and will be doing a part of the hall and living room hopefully soon.

The 3 piece nursery furniture set is from Mamas and Papas and was gifted as part of a collaboration which I was overjoyed with and don’t take for granted. I jumped at the chance to work alongside the brand.


We choose the Lawson 3 piece furniture set as the tone of the wood matched perfectly with our flooring. The scandi design was exactly what I was looking for as I loved the style of the cot bed along with really practical storage.


Although currently the rocking chair that I used with both Bella and Annie is sitting in the room, I have purchased a proper nursing chair. I didn’t plan to breastfeed Bella (bottles, steriliser all sitting ready) but we were very lucky to have had a 15 month nursing journey, I thought it wouldn’t happen as well with Annie but she weaned at 19 months and so many nights I dreamt of a comfortable chair though I’m scared I’ve jinxed myself by being more organised this time. I’m sure though it doesn’t matter what way I am feeding a comfy chair will not go a miss. The rocking chair will be moved to our room.

I added an ikea shelf beside the chair that’s also close to a power socket, perfect for a cup of tea/ water at the side or somewhere to set my phone. As the room is so small there wouldn’t be a place for a side table so thought this would be perfect. Baby won’t be left unsupervised on the changing basket so the shelf close will not be an issue.


For in-draw organisation I used the white Ikea drawer inserts, though I can confirm now the drawers will not remain this organised.

I’ve added all other nursery details here.

Lawson Furniture set - Mamas and Papas *gifted

Rug- Laura Ashley

Cot bedding - Tiny Toes and Bed Clothes

Cot mobile- Kidly

Animal Prints- Muma Duke Designs

Book shelves- Spice racks from Ikea

White shelf with wooden brackets-Ikea

Cot Organiser - Lorena Canals

Cot star cushion- Lorena Canals

Tassal Garland - Lorena Canals

Cloud Cushion - Mamas and Papas

Leather Pouf- Etsy

Peg Board- Amazon

Changing Basket- ScandiBorn

Peg rail- H&M

Knitted Rumper - H&M

Dream Catcher - I’m sorry this is 2/3 years old and I can’t for the life of me remember where from.

Luggy- Left in from the playroom by 2 doting big sisters. By Olli Ella bought from Kidly

*side note and for complete clarity.

I’ve been very lucky to have been offered gifting in exchange for promotion from small businesses however as I would have definitely been searching for these kinds of items anyway I declined the gifting and purchased the items, I will still continue to tag and promote the brands where possible. I know as a small business myself with the blog and the marketing business how valuable the support is along with online promotion. This year I am also supporting the Children’s Cancer Charity and Laurel House Chemotherapy unit where my dad is currently a patient of. I know that bloggers can face scrutiny with regards to gifted items etc, I feel lucky to have the opportunity as a part of the job and love working with the brands that I do, however I am also very aware of giving back where and when possible.

Anna xx