Nursing bra fitting service with Mothercare (AD)

I feel like when it comes to the products and services available for prenatal, postnatal and breastfeeding things have changed and improved since I had Bella over 6 years ago. A better selection of maternity wear, nursing tops, pjs and options of bras. I went back to wearing a ‘normal bra’ pretty quickly after having Bella which on hindsight now i’m sure it would have obstructed her feeding and latch at times but at the age of 24 I wanted to try to not completely ‘lose’ myself.

I have to admit though, increasing from my regular 32A bra size is one of my favourite things about my changing body in pregnancy. I was delighted when my normal bras began to feel too small.


Mothercare offer a specialist maternity and nursing bra fitting service in their stores and I was delighted to have been invited along to the Sprucefield store to try out the service. I actually related this type of service for the later stages of pregnancy and didn’t realise that it’s ideal also for maternity bras from 8-12 weeks when your breasts begin to change. This is the ideal time to be fitted with a prenatal maternity bra. Maternity bras are adjustable so grow with you, they offer more support with a deeper centre and wider strap and are breathable as they are made primarily from cotton.

36 weeks pregnant is the ideal time to get measured for a feeding bra which is also suitable to wear before birth as it is essentially a maternity bra but with the drop clips to drop down each side for feeding baby. The nursing bra also has an extra hook and fastenings to adapt to your changing shape and size post birth. The range also includes maternity sleep bras and sports bras.

The specialist team at Mothercare are trained in measuring, fitting and giving advice on what’s best for now but also what offers room to expand for when your milk comes in and feeding baby. I was measured by Joanne and received help from Gillian too in Sprucefield who I had met before and felt extremely comfortable and confident in their care and knowledge.

What I really loved about the range was the girly options that were available too, with options of nice colours and some with pretty lace details. Options that will still make me feel more feminine and not tempted to try and wear a normal bra when feeding a little one as there’s now styles that are more than the standard, plain nursing bras.


I had been wearing the wrong size bra which is why I felt uncomfortable. I opted this time for a plain set of two nursing bras in nude and black, I have been wearing the nude bra and have found I need to add a breast pad in already as I have started to leak, something that hasn’t happened to me before birth previously but is completely normal.


The maternity section offered had a range of maternity workwear, jeans, dresses, tops and loungewear along with items that are ideal for both prenatal and postnatal. I especially loved their breastfeeding friendly pjs that would have given me more confidence to feed in the early days in front of family members. Though I have to say that age and experience this time has given me a little more confidence too to feed my baby in front of others, I am hopeful for the beginning of another feeding journey in the weeks to come.

I have included some items that I have purchased to help in the early days

Lansinoh disposable pads

Lansinoh washable pads

Lansinoh nipple cream

Lansinoh 3 in 1 breast therapy

2 pack of nursing bras - fitted by a Mothercare trained specialist (*gifted as part of this collaboration)

Button down nighty - Ideal for the hospital bag. You can read what I’ve included in my hospital bag here. (*gifted)

Elvie Breast electric breast pump- Hands free pumping which I can’t wait to try this time.

Nursing top which works perfect with jogging bottoms, leggings or jeans (*gifted)

Blame the hormones, or perhaps I related with the time left but this quote on the wall made my eyes water.

“Never have I felt stronger, more vulnerable, more humbled or more proud.”- Sarah, 3 weeks to go.

I feel every word Sarah.

Anna xx

AD. Thanks to Mothercare for inviting me in to try their specialist bra fitting service, this is a sponsored blog post. I absolutely love the Sprucefield store and the genuinely friendly and helpful team.