Spring forward

From the start of my pregnancy I've been told I am at high risk of early labour. I have panicked and worried about it the whole time while holding on to a glimmer of hope I would have the experience of full term natural labour but week after week that's been knocked back with another complication to add to the list. I would love to have the excitement of Colin and I driving up to the hospital with bags in tow knowing 'this is it' but delivery of a healthy baby and what ever is best for him/ her is enough for me. After a fall on Friday (unfortunately I've been used to fainting regularly but this is a new one for me) and due to total clumsiness I tried to act Superwoman, with one arm in front, a full body splat on the floor and my bag contents being threw and spilt all around me (mum believes I was firing myself at lemon cake I had spent 2 days looking for). Thankfully falling sideways I protected the bump and bar a couple of bruises my main injury was my ego.

I was scanned to make sure all is ok with baby which thankfully it is but also found out that I am further on than originally expected and they have moved my dates forward a full week. I am over the moon at this as 34 weeks is even closer to getting to full term. For anyone that has already experienced pregnancy, 1 week is a big deal! Baby is now 4lb 12oz and tracking bigger than what Bella was. I have been quick enough to beat myself up this time feeling like I'm not doing a good job but I must admit this news has made my week.


Now realisation has kicked in.... Not that sickness, aches, pains, large bump, big boobs and countless scans hasn't been enough confirmation but really I'm having another little person. 

I'm weeks away from sleepless nights, the juggling of a toodler and a newborn, the labour itself (eek) and the whirl of emotions that comes with bringing new life into the world... This is so close and I'm scared that I'm not ready!

It's also the last weeks of my Bella Bird being an only child, getting 100% of my attention, not being told to wait until the baby finishes feeding or telling her to be careful climbing over mummy when baby is nursing. My little baby is going to grow up and going to be the big sister with some weight on those tiny shoulders no matter how much I try and deny it. I feel so guilty as she is only a baby herself, even writing this my eyes are filling up.

I am trying to savour these days of cuddling on the sofa before bed and doing little activities that I can give her all of me.


I am trying to also savour the joys of pregnancy through all the discomforts as I feel so so lucky and I also know that I won't do this again (for everyone's sake!) I have polluted my Instagram with bump pics, updates and videos to look back on (sorry IG family).


Bump style 

As for dressing the bump it's been hard this week as due to wearing a monitor I've had to make it sure what I wear covers the wires and with jeans getting uncomfortable I have just been wanting to live in dresses. So in the name of comfort I am rocking summer wear when it feels like winter but cold legs is a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

* I would also love to thank all the lovely ladies who have took the time to mail and text about my blog. What started only last week as a way to keep my little memoirs and notes of my pictures I have been overwhelmed by the amount of people that has taken the time to read it and then also feedback. If there is anything you would like to see or hear about just let me know.

Anna xx