A little motivation

I am a lover of quotes, they inspire me, keep me motivated, make me laugh and remind me of my purpose. I have a so many saved on my phone and jotted down on notepads. This one has been in my head for a while now and probably give me the motivation to go ahead and make my blog public and made me stop worrying at what others may think and say. You have your own life to live.


When attempting something new we all need that gentle nudge, maybe that's a friend telling you to go for it or knowing you just have to to reach your end goal. The sidelines are never going to be filled with all supporters, just let the positive chants spur you on and the negatives make you want to prove them wrong... (I like that one, even rhymes. Might add my name and date and tah-dah I'll be pinned on someone's pinterest wall!)

My job has taught me that "life begins at the end of your comfort zone" as much as I have gritted my teeth each time I heard this as a way of getting me to do something I didn't want to, it's so true. The times that I have not succeeded I have learnt something from it so you can never truly loose.


Here's another little quote, this will always be a favourite of mine and I wanted to share for all the mummies regardless if you have little girls or little boys. To me, these are the people that matter, your family are the ones that you should care what they think and how it will benefit them. This was stuck to the front of my diary going back to work after having Bella.


Some comfort zones you really don't want to leave, my comfort zone of tea and buns is coming to an end!

I hope that this little post has made one person stop doubting themselves and do something new, wear something different or just stop worrying and pleasing.

Anna xx