Behind the photos you see on my Instagram feed


As I was scrolling my Instagram feed and looking back on Bellas toothless grins, family days out, heart-string pulling moments and when my house is clean and tidy with fresh flowers- I found myself smiling.

I am sharing snippets of my life... Snippets I choose for you to see.


What you don't see is that the day after that cute photo of Bella, hearty laughing with those chubby cheeks in her cot she cried and whined solid for 4 hours... I didn't get dressed and my morning was spent wiping a runny nose, counting to 10, counting to 20, feeling awful myself (thinking how will I cope with 2?) and cuddling on the sofa until 3pm when my mum took Bella for a hour to her house. This is when I could get dressed.

I tell you about the days of tantrums and make light the 'I do it myself' independent moments, I don't show you my teeth gritting.

I don't show you the snotty nosed, crying baby... Why? Well because I would feel like the worst mother in the world lifting my camera and taking a photo rather than lifting my baby and giving her a cuddle. But it's not just that reason, I want to share with you how lovely my little girl is and she truly is, when my house looks like it's in order (A nod to myself my life is in order) and the lovely family days we have. I maybe share them as a selfish pat on the back for myself too. It is to share, capture and remember the great times that make the tough moments worth it all.


I am/ try to remain a positive, glass half full person. I try to see the beauty in everything and the silver lines in every cloud so the smiles after a massive tantrum, the cuddles on the sofa to make up for an awful morning and dancing in the kitchen is what I want to focus on.


I don't do it to compare to others, show off or to put other people down and if anyone has ever felt that way, I am sorry! I know we are all really just trying to get through the day. I love seeing all you share the beauty in the simple things, your kids, date nights and the party lifestyles of my single friends (and lusting over your cocktail).

I love sharing with you the snippets of my life but it is so much messier, crazier, uncertain than what you can see or what I wish to share with social media and I know that yours is too.

I think all mums are selfless, strong,  courageous and interesting no matter what you think of yourself.


Thank you for all you share and thank you for letting me share my little snippets and following along.

Anna xx

*Jayne Lindsay Photography