Advice to my children

1) If you meet someone and they are very different from you, due to race, religion, ability, outlook on life, spend a little time with them... We have something to learn from everyone.  2) Be the person that says hello to the girl sitting on her own in the canteen, stop and help the lady in the supermarket with the crying child, stop and help the elderly man across the road, ask that person if they are ok. You have no idea how much it could mean to them. These are also the moments that will make a difference, that can change the world and make you feel truly good... More than any material possessions can. 

3) YOU.ARE.BEAUTIFUL... Take that in, beauty is not looks that is only skin deep! Beauty is in your character and how you make others feel, beauty is confidence in being yourself. Just be you.

4) Happy people don't set out to hurt others, remember that. If someone is being really nasty to you the issue is normally within themselves. Took me 28 years to realise that. I hope you get it a little sooner. Also be nice to them, it will drive them mad! 

5) Always be kind and friendly, you will have a lot of accuqutences in your life but true friends you will be able to count on your one hand. 

6) Don't raise your voice, improve your argument - anonymous 

7) Save nothing for best. Use the good China, spray the expensive perfume, wear the good top, burn the expensive candle. Life is short. Today is reason enough for celebration. 

8) Capture the moment... Sometimes we don't know it's true worth until it is a memory. 

9) Smile, it's contagious. 

10) Dance in the rain, see the beauty in the small things, travel but appreciate the beauty that is on your doorstep.

10) Believe in fate. As Gareth Brooke's said 'Some of Gods greatest gifts, are unanswered prayers' or maybe Dalai Lama is better 'Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.'

11) No one will ever love you as much as I love you, he/she can argue it all they want but this is fact.

Love always,

Mum xx