A night away


There is something so exciting about getting off work and spending time with the family however the last time I had a week off it was 'productive' which was great, we all need productive days (no one is going to do it for you) or weeks at home but productive also meant that by clearing rooms out and changing carpets, quality time with the girls was not as much as I would have liked. This time I wanted to ensure we minimised distractions as much as possible and had a week of family time so when the Roe Park Resort, Limavady invited us away for the night I jumped at the chance, we have said that we would do this for a while and take the girls away for a night but if I'm being honest you always find a 'better' use for the money.


This wasn't our first night away to the Roe Park, Colin and I went a few times before we had the girls but this was our first night away as a family of 4! Well I didn't realise how much we needed the break until we were away, I fell straight into relaxation mode from the car journey there. The car was packed up (with enough stuff for a week, does anyone else panic grab stuff at the end?) with 2 excited girls going on their 'hollydays', we stopped for brunch on the way before setting off again. We arrived at 2pm to our family room with a kingsized bed, two single beds and a sofa bed in a large room. When we walked into the room we were totally blown away! Limavady is known for their little boutique shops and small businesses, it's a real attraction to the town and adds a little quirkiness but that doesn't mean they don't have big hearts! Waiting for us on our beds were beautiful gifts for each of us which was such a surprise, we were completely gobsmacked by with the stunning and carefully thought of gifts, we all loved them!


As time was ticking for my 3pm appointment, I headed to the spa whilst the girls and Colin stayed in the room with some snacks and the girls played with their new dolly and pretty bows for their hair, the novelty from jumping from bed to bed and sampling the little chocolates was exciting in itself without even leaving the room. I headed to the spa and as I was greeted with the tranquil mood, soft lighting and relaxing music I could feel my shoulders start to drop. I choose to have an Elemis Bio Tech facial, I choose this due to my skin looking so tired and dull and it is described as a cell boosting treatment for sluggish complexions. It was the first time I had a machine used for a facial, it was for the ultrasonic peel to remove the impurities and again with galvanic rejuvenatation to ensure the heeling mask penetrated the skin. Both times it felt like massaging the skin. I always underestimate how relaxing a facial is and always think of a massage first but I love that the facial also totally brightens you and gives a healthy glow again. After my treatment I enjoyed a sorbet in the relaxation room before meeting colin and the girls in the pool.

I realised that this is the first time they have been at the pool since holidays last June. Annie initially was pretty scared but that changed in minutes and all fear totally subsided to her thinking she could dive off the edges. The best thing about the pool though was that it was heated, the girls were warm and freely could get in and out without shivering. It's the little things that makes a hotel a family friendly hotel, I may sound silly but an anti slip mat in the bath is something that so many miss, even on holidays I was almost holding their arms and also having little shampoo and bubble baths left that were for specially kids, we forgot our own (yes even with a car load) so finding the little kids packs was so welcome!

That evening we headed for a dinner at 7pm to the Coach house which is well known for its great quality food but I forgot just how amazing it was! Always tells a story when even the kids menu is great quality food with Annie's fish being proper cod.


After dinner we had a drink at the bar and the girls chatted to anyone that would have a conversation with them (very shy like their mummy 😉) before heading to bed at the grand time of 9pm, lights out and tucked in we all headed to bed at the same time.

This is where when booking again we will book one of the hotels inter-connecting rooms meaning the kids are in a bedroom just off the main room, Colin and I could have sat up a little while longer but we were glad we did take advantage of the early night as a little teething toddler meant that there was lots of cuddles during the night however the black out curtains in the room meant we got to sleep in to 8am, a silver lining!

After breakfast at the hotels Greens restaurant in the morning we headed for a walk at the Roe Valley Country park, the wellies were packed and coats on and even though it was cold it was such a beautiful crisp, spring day! A welcome glimmer of sunnier days!

We checked out at 11am much to Bella's disappointment but within minutes of climbing into the car for the journey home both girls were sound asleep. Colin and I chatted on the way home of how we would make a night away a more regular occurrence and aim for a few times a year, it was such a welcomed night away and filled with memories to last a lifetime, this is the first time Bella started to swim on her own! We were both filled with pride and excitement for her, more valuable than the DIY that can wait.

Thank you to the Roe Park Resort for inviting us along, we loved the hotel as a child free couple and now especially enjoying it with the girls. As always our opinions and views are entirely our own. Anna xx


* Discloser:- even a night away won't exempt you from a toddler melt down.