Make up organisation

I shared back in January that I have been totally decluttering the house. It's slowed down a little (due to finding enough time) but every week I still clear out a drawer or something that has been gathering up for a long time. I needed to find room for my gym gear and trainers (big statement right there when they are being moved out of the bags from the attic) and decided that the large bottom drawer in my cupboard would be where they would go... the same large, deep drawer that has stored every lipgloss or eye pallet I've owned since the age of 12 and 95% of which I've never used.

I read on Pinterest that you should only keep make up that feels like a treat and that you feel good using as that's the point of make up. So the broken and dirty eye pallets had to go and I wanted to keep literally what I use every day and then any extras I would use for a night out. 

I cleared out 3 supermarket bags of old make up. 

You should only keep lipsticks for 1 year, Lipglosses for 18 months, Mascara 3 months and powders 2 years... I'd be embarrassed to tell you how old mine were.

Now I am keeping all my make up in my room and on display, it's all my favourite items and the ones that make me feel great. Annies room is what used to be my dressing room so it's no longer practical for me to be heading in there every morning for make up (trust me the gym gear is pretty safe).

I am now storing and organsing my make up in HerClutterBox which holds a lot more than you would think! All my favourite lip liners and single eye shadows cannot be seen in the pictures. You can easily change the size of the sections so you can work out exactly what size you need for your items. 

I love everything being displayed and well looked after now and I have even removed items since doing this as I can see I don't use them. 

I asked the team at HerClutterBox to share a discount code and they have kindly given 30% off the spinning lipstick and powder tower with code MARPT30 and 40% off The Nail polish wall rack with code MARNP40. 

Now the next area to tackle is all costume jewellery and hair care! 

Anna xx