Letter to my 2 year old Annie. 

Sitting rocking my one year old on the rocking chair, your head lying against my chest and little mouth half opened, the dummy is falling out and I am carrying the full weight of your little body... and as I do every night, I will rock you that little bit longer. And tonight a little longer than that again, as when I set you into your cot, tomorrow I will pick up my 2 year old. 

And how lucky I am to do that?!

I am always the same the night before a birthday, reminiscing on the days gone by, how they have passed in a blink of an eye and anticipating what's ahead in the year to come. 

These early years see so much change. In the passed year you have learnt to talk, walk, you are running, can count to 10, get through the ABC, hold a good little conversation, you love to play with your sister, you also love to fight with your sister... you normally win (you have a lot to thank Bella for, she looks out for you a lot and you normally get your way), you have your daddy like putty in your hands... I roll my eyes at the things you manage to get your way with. You have got used to mama being back to work and you even kiss me bye bye and wave me off, but you get so so excited when I come back through the door,  you have started to get a break from those very sore tummies that consumed a lot of your first year and I can not tell you how much happier I am, now that you are happy. When you hurt, I hurt too and may that be due to your tummy hurting or your feelings hurting, that will always be the same. I feel it too.

Your personality shines so strong, you are the most loving, caring and gentle soul.... but that being said, you know your own mind and it won't be changed. If you meet someone and you don't like them it will be clear... you don't do what you don't want to do and you are not a people pleaser. Please baby girl, hold on to this, I wish I could be a little more like you. Don't let the world change you, keep that loving, kind spirit but hold on to being you. 

I know that every day that passes you get that little bit more independent and that's so bitter/ sweet, I know my days of rocking you to sleep are numbered and I'm savouring every one of them, but please always know I'll be here for you to rest your head on, hold you when you need me and take the weight off you, regardless if you are 2 or 22.

Happy 2nd birthday little bird. You make me so incredibly proud!

Love mama xx