Zohara style 

I am a handbag fanatic. Some may think my priorities are in the wrong order as when it comes to cars my expectation of the car would be to take me from A to B, but with handbags I love Quality, style and I don't mind paying that little bit more for it as I believe a good bag can dress up any outfit.

I have a love for designer bags, my money goes into the bag... and not in the bag, if you know what I mean! Again some may say my priorities are in the wrong place, I can't be friends with people like that, I tend to stay away from that kind of negativity😜

Anyway, with 2 girls they are investment peices.

I have recently found a handbag company from Northern Ireland and love the range of colours in their spring/ summer collection. I tend to keep with safe, neutral colours when buying bags as when paying the money you want them to go with everything but as these bags are more affordable, everyday luxury pieces than your high end designer items I decided to go for a dusky blue to contrast against crisp, white summer blouses, denims and stripes.

Zohara bags are designed in Northern Ireland and the Ballantoy collection is named after the stunning North Coast, where the designer took the inspiration from the Sandy shores and majestic coast line, the colours and tones drawn from the coastline also.

I choose the Sheldon in coast blue, it is a cross body had so I will be able to use it both day and night and whilst on holidays. I was pleasantly surprised with how roomy the centre pocket is but my favourite feature is the magnetic side pockets meaning that it is easy to drop your phone into it and grab it out quickly without opening your bag and rummaging through.

I have my eye now on a larger bag for work that will fit an iPad and large diary... after all the bag collection is on an uneven number and I have 2 girls. 😉

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Anna xx

You can see more of the bag collection here