Kids Summer holiday style 

When it comes to holiday shopping for young children it can be hard to justify some of the expensive prices as they are only going to get a couple of wears out of the clothes and by the time next summer comes around they will be too small so that's why I hate to spend a complete fortune on little ones summer clothes. I thought I'd share the items I got for the girls for holidays as they are all £15 and under with the exception of the sandals. I decided this year that instead of loads of pairs of shoes I would purchase the salt water sandals that will do the girls both on the beach, beside the pool and out dancing to their hearts content in the evening.

Girls sandals here

My sandals here 

Hat - sold out but an alternative Here

Jumpsuit - primark £2.50

Sunglasses - here

Seersucker dress - here £7.99 

Swimsuit - Here £13 Next 

Dresses - H&M instore only £9.99

Hat -Here

Swimsuit- here £13 Next

Swim suit- here £7.99

Hat - here  £5.99

Dresses- here £2.99 different patterns 

Kimono - Here  (I am in love with this embroidery! 💕🌿) Next 

Playsuit - here 

Little travel outfits

Trousers - here £12.99 

Top - here £8.99

Trainers - here £17.99

Top - here

Trousers - here

Shoes as before 

Dress - here £10 Next

Reversible hat - here £8

Let's hope for some sun in the UK too to get some wear out of these summer clothes!

Hope you enjoyed this style haul, hoping to do a ladies summer version too, though it goes without saying.... there is no where near as much in mine!

Anna xx