Home update 

We haven't been doing anything major at home recently, our next project is the ensuite (known as the 'public toilet' in our house, no matter how much I scrub it, it never looks clean). I hope to update you all soon on my ideas for it, it's only been 7 years in planning... not due to anything amazing we have planned but more because when we considered doing it we kept booking weekends away instead.

Anyway, I am thinking a few quirky features in this small space, pretty tiles and mixes of coppers and wood.

I thought I would update on a few of the little home changes we have made this month.

Kitchen unit.

We kindly got given this dresser by a friend who no longer wanted it, it was emerald green and I painted it cream but after we got the new kitchen table and chairs I felt that the cream along with the white walls and the grey chairs just didn't work. I wanted to add a deeper grey so picked up some Frenchic Pebble Grey paint and just give it one coat over the cream, after that we used the finishing oil to seal it. Both mum and I painted it and my coffee table that was very badly chipped and dirty in less than an hour while Annie napped and Bella coloured in! I get called a task master but my goodness my mother is a different level! (Sorry mum!)

Hall bench.

This is a space where I could never get right, I wanted something at the top of it as you walk up the stairs but the size was hard to get anything to fit. Most units were too wide and the two lanterns we previously had sitting there looked lost.

I spied this Cox and Cox bench, measured it up and it couldn't have been a more perfect fit. I did toy with putting it in Bella's room and removing the Teepee but I think it definitely is made for here.

Prints by Desenio Playroom

I am trying to gradually do a bit of a clear out of the playroom, we have a million bits of everything and I'd rather the girls have less but what they do have to be in good condition so they don't get blinded just by lots of 'stuff'.

As much as I'd like the toy room to be full of pretty wooden toys I know it would be selfish of me, they love the bright multicoloured plastic with bits of glitter and they are only young once so I certainly won't get in their way.... but I am allowed a little corner! I added some pretty bunting and hope to get a few more of these baskets to hold the Genie girls and fairies (1 inch pieces of glittery plastic). 

Basket and Bunting from Home of Ada

Small stuff doll carrier from Daisy Belle Dreams I hope to be back soon updating on the plans to start the ensuite.... I will even add the before pictures too. 

Anna xx

Diffuser Field Day

I wanted to add this in as I have added this to my hall and the smell walking in is just amazing!