I thought the days of spotty teenage looking skin were over, what I didn't realise is that as I begin to close in on my 20's I'd actually suffer from the most problomatic skin. If I'm honest my spotty skin was really getting me down. Instead of getting to the root of the problem instead I shovelled more make up on in an attempt to hide everything. Concealer was being used like a foundation.

I took a few pictures in a state of 'this needs to end', they weren't to share at the time but more that I wanted to see some progress. I renewed my skincare, made a pledge to drink water (not even 'more' water as I literally hydrate with tea, coffee and wine... and wonder why my skin is so bad).

Anyway what I should say is that 4 days after these 'before' pictures were taken I ended up in hospital with ovarian and kidney problems and got pumped with IV antibiotics so there definitely was health factors to this too.

Sharing these pictures makes me feel nervous, like my mask is completely off and slightly embarrassed but I'm sure that loads of ladies are in the same boat so here you go... you are not alone!

What I'm trying to say is that even though I am sharing new products I've been trying and loving, there will be a degree of the improvement down to removing infection from my body. 

What I have started though is following a strict cleansing routine that without doubt is helping. I used to either use a babywipe on my face or washed my make up off but knew that it wasn't fully off.

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel I kept using my Special Cleansing gel by Dermalogica, it's the one brand that I keep going back to and the only reason that ever leave it is the price tag but when I go back to it time and time again over the years, I think some things are just worth their price. 

Revitalising Tonic by Skinician

I got sent a toner by Skinican and if you don't already use a toner I would definitely recommend, I was really surprised after I give my face a good cleanse that there was still so much make up that came off when I rubbed the pad and toner over my face. This step I must say I really enjoy, my face feels so cleansed, hydrated and fresh after.

Clarins Blue Orchid face treatment oil Next and this has been my one beauty staple that I started using at 18, got most of my friends addicted to it too and even my mum. It's that one product that when my skin even hurts with being problematic soothes it and when it's great just gives such a healthy glow. The aromatherapy oils are so comforting every time it's applied and it just feels like a little bit of luxury.... 1 bottle lasts me about 6 months and sometimes more. The Clarins blue orchid treatment oil is a drink for my skin, helps to balance the hormones and treats any imbalances. 

Darphin Illuminating gel

Darphin Illuminating Serum

I have also been using a serum and moisturiser (a stark contrast to my one step babywipe routine a while ago) and have no doubt these are giving me a radiance and glow without feeling oily. I read amazing reviews of these products and the smell, texture and radiance haven't disappointed however they are pricier than what I would have normally paid, though after using them over a month now I feel they are totally justified and I'm also trying to not feel guilty about spending money on skincare, prevention is better than cure but also when my skin is clear, brighter and feels good I have a confidence I can't achieve from great shoes or clothes. Confidence in your own skin, that's the aim eh?

I have mixed up my make up a little too and invested in a product I got a sample of and I just fell in love with it! I will do my top 10 make up items next week due to lots of questions..... but please, if you are wanting to know expert make up tips and contouring, you are on the wrong blog (I use the 'slap it on' technique)  though if you want my 15 minute make up regime that makes me go from black eyed to bright eyed and lasts through work, 2 kids and the sweaty juggle in between, then I hope I can help! Let me know what you think of these little updates!

Anna xx