Hair routine

Ok, so I have talked about doing this post for a while now and do you know what is stopping me? I just don't know how to write about hair, I don't think I know this is not going to be 'beauty blogger' enough and I still can't believe that people ask me how I do my hair as I literally wing it everyday. So that's it. I'm going to talk step by step through my winging it, my supermarket brand hair care mixed with some of my favourite pieces... an extremely unprofessional hair video where I even use my mouth to hold some hair as I don't even own a large hair clip. But you know what? That's how I do my hair and how I normally get it all done in under 10 minutes so if you are looking for  professional hair styling tips please look away..... now.

Ok so first things first.

Shampoo and conditioner.

I used to buy what was on offer in the supermarket but I've found that when buying better brands of shampoo and conditioner I get to skip a day washing my hair (not a stinker, but as being time precious this is gold!) now don't get me wrong, I don't believe I have to spend a fortune as Boots and Tesco would often have salon brands on 2 for £7 offer. I used to have to wash it every night (zero time in the  morning when I need to leave at 7:30am) but now I believe that was down to the product being too heavy in my hair. I used to also use volumising shampoo but again I feel that product built up and in turn actually weighed it down. Now I can get away with it for 2 days, sometimes with the help of my dear friend, dry shampoo.

My favourite shampoos and conditioners are

Splurge $$$ - Percy and Reed Rather Radiant divine Shine and Conditioner

Save $$ - John Freda visibly brighter Brunette shampoo and conditioner

After I had written this blog post I got the R&Co shampoo and Conditioner after a visit to Simon Houston salon to get my hair put up for a wedding. I had never heard of the brand before but I got the Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner and Thickening spray and I have been loving it. The lightweight volume that's been added to my thin (but lots of it) poker straight hair is amazing and I find the style is being held in better too. The R&Co products are exclusive to his Salon in NI however I think some Space NK stores stock it.

I spray the Thickening Spray into my roots and a little around my tips before blow drying my hair. I've been using this just over a week now and notice a huge difference. I can see why this product is a hair awards winner.  An alternative volumising lotion is Tony and Guy party ready volumising lotion and its is roughly £7. 

When drying my hair I blast dry it. I wish I could give myself a proper blow dry and work the brush etc but nope, it's normally head upside down and do my best impression of a rock star!

Next up for curling it. Now this took me a while to master and I watched a few YouTube tutorials but now I have it mastered and curl my hair in less than 10 minutes.

I use GHD straightners that are almost 7 years old.

*cringes and will never be a YouTube vlogger (had 1 minute to get this video recorded 🙈) I added a link Here of a more professional and helpful GHD curling tutorial... I am struggling with the time to wash my hair ATM never mind properly blog it. 

[video src="" poster=""][/video] [video src="" height="720" width="1280"][/video]

I take a small section of hair and clamp down the straighteners at the top of the 2 inch strand, turn the straightners 180degrees away from my face, or flip the hair over the straighteners and pull the strand through. I have attached 2 videos to try and show this. I hope this works. For messy loose curls they don't need to be perfect and even if the curls are too ringletly they will drop out.

I run my fingers through my hair and give it a bit of a shake out as I aim for a looser, messy curl. If heading out I give my roots a little back brush to give it more volume and spray this Lee Stafford hair spray upwards into my hair. I have tried loads of hairsprays and this one is by far my favourite!

As for my cut and colour, I have been getting my hair cut and coloured by the same girl (friend) since I was 18.... we have been through all the trends together and I trust her, I think that you need a trusting relationship with your hairdresser. If you are local Nikeela Kerr is who I get to cut and colour mine. I even rang her to tell her I was getting my hair coloured in another salon as a one off... 'it's not you, it's me. I'll be back.' Last time I got invited to Monet Hair Salon on the Lisburn road and they coloured my roots and added some balayage pieces around the front, the colour they used was Wella. I would highly recommend Stephen and my colour is perfect (I am so fussy with hair colour), I didn't get my hair cut when I was in but the lady after me drove 2 1/2 hours for her appointment. That says enough for me. 

This blog post is in no way sponsored or endorsed... I am just sharing what works for me, all the products I use and how I get the loose curl in my hair as I do get asked a lot after posting Instagram stories. Percy and Reed kindly gifted my last shampoo and conditioner set but I have bought it many times before, they asked for no media or shares for their gift. I'm sure they keep that for the pros and judging by this post, well, I don't blame them.

An optional extra is a toddler or two hanging off your neck. May add to the time it takes to complete the task however it does add to the messy and undone look.

Anna xx

I finally had the courage to press publish on this very unprofessional blog post after being inundated today asking for a hair tutorial under this story. It's not a full video tutorial but right now with juggling work and the girls it's the closest I can get.... unprofessional, unedited but the best I can do right now! Thank you always for all your support even though sometimes I can't give the time I would want to back! 😘