Country Blogger Retreat NI

I wanted to pop a little post up before time ran away with me anymore on the amazing Country Blogger Retreat NI. An idea of Emma's to support other blogger, instagrammer, want an afternoon outters from Northern Ireland.... no exclusive members club, just somewhere to join up with like minded people and discuss blogging, photography and Instagram.  It started off as a little get together around Emma's kitchen table and she asked me to come along to chat about growing a following on Instagram, this quickly turned into 140+ people, at the stunning venue of the Larchfield Estate (it couldn't have been anymore perfect) and chatting alongside fabulous ladies and handsome men (not biased at all!). Kerry and Tara from Sisters and Sons spoke about starting up a blog and being new to blogging though you would never know that they are new to it all and ever the professionals. Mel Wiggins give the most inspiring talk, one that made the hairs on my arms stand, one that was relevant not only to being creative but just life itself, if you want some inspirational blogs to read please check Mels out. Laura Ann from All that's Pretty and Rachel from the Breton Bird chatted along with myself about blogging for business on a panel and I loved how we felt so free and comfortable enough in the atmosphere to be totally honest and confident in our decisions and describe this to everyone. Finally Colin from Father of the Birds and Andrew from Little Wood Mr give us all a giggle on being the perfect insta husband... 

The best thing about the whole day was meeting the faces behind the squares, the hearts behind the handles and the warmest vibe. What a place we live in, what supportive and encouraging people we have around us and the craic is like no other! 

Dress here

Shoes here

What happy faces to be greeted by!

Danielle from Ddonohoe_stylist_blogger

And Colin checking everyone in. 

Gorgeous couple Shauna and Sean



The gorgeous Nicola from The Bright Side Diary (skirt goals 😍😍 I had to get one and you can find it here)

The Fabulous Mel Wiggins

Pinching some pics too! Steph From My Little Duke 

I have to share this story!! Alex from The Full Shilling was on day release from hospital, fully rockin' an IV drip in her arm. Alex is the funniest and fabulously talented but I have to say on this day I didn't think she was 'The Full Shilling' at all!

My hubby wondering how his life got to this stage.... football was on, he was strolling around Blogger events (and loving it!)

My 'little cousin' - Hannah McCollum

Keeping it natural and unposed 😂

Loved this!!  Laura-Ann giving some tips to Yedel from Life at the White House on how to pose... 😂

I got lots of chances to get behind the camera 💗

A huge shout out and thanks to all the amazing local suppliers that gifted little goodies for the fabulous goody bag! 

I have a funny feeling that this might not be the last Country Blogger Retreat! Until next time then...

Anna xx