Wearing and Wishing...


My heart has already bounced into spring and is ready for bare arms, crisp white shirts and rattan bags. I have been craving sun so much that this week I decided we couldn't take any risks of not seeing that big orangy beauty and booked a holiday so I have something to really look forward to and obviously a suitcase of sundresses and floppy hats to plan.

But for now, for the in between seasons.... What I'm loving and wearing.

I will continue to update this area with the items I am adding to my spring/ summer wardrobe... some may be labelled 'been in the wardrobe for years' but that's just a disclaimer for the sake of my marriage. A true disclaimer however is that if you purchase some of these items I may make a very small amount, you won't pay a penny more... just the company saying cheers for taking the time to write posts, link and share their products.