A favourite through the generations


It's the little details that often stand out the most, the same mark on your babies skin in the same place as you have yours, the smell that reminds you of those newborn days and firsts in your hazy, sleep deprived, love drunk state. The go to products that your mum used, your sisters used on their babies and now you use on yours, there is confidence in the familiar along with a little sentimental.

That's how I feel about Johnsons baby products, a sense of familiarity, trust and a little nostalgia as the smells remind me of those sweet new days.


When Johnsons got in contact and asked if I would like to become a brand ambassador for them I have to admit I paused. Not for the reason of not being the right match with my brand, I have used the products for over 4 years and continue to do so (both on the girls and myself, time tight mums just have to grab the closest thing to them, right?) but for the reason of the controversy the brand faced last year.

At the time I done some research into it myself, into the ingredients and the fact the regulatory authorities marked the items as safe. I continued to use the products that we would always use. However before linking myself with any brand and especially a brand that is providing products for babies I wanted to know more.

I headed to London to meet the Johnsons team, meet Dr David Mays (Senior Director of Global Scientific Engagement in Research and Development) and Also Frances Ganges, The former Chief Executive of International Confederation of Midwives, now Senior Scientific Engagement Liaison, Leader Baby and Feminine Care at Johnson & Johnsons. We discussed ingredients and I got a chance to ask the things that had been on my mind. These were, but not limited to....

Do your products contain Formaldehyde? None of the Johnsons products contain formaldehyde or formaldehyde releasing preservatives.

Do your products contain other agents such as parabens? None of the Johnsons products in the UK or Ireland contain Parabens.

Is any Johnsons products tested on animals? Johnson & Johnson Ltd do not test cosmetic products or individual ingredients on animals and follows the requirements of the current European Union (EU) animal testing ban. Johnsons stopped animal experiments on cosmetic products in the EU more than 15 years ago, and the EU law discontinued animal experiments for finished cosmetic products from September 2004.

I left the day feeling confident, informed and really excited to work with a great team that are so passionate about Mother, Baby and how vital those early years are. The product has been on the shelves for years, used on many generations and in many countries throughout the world, by experianced midwives and those that are shaking holding a slippery newborn for their first bath. The smell and familiar bottle holds locked, precious memories of my early days of motherhood and I'm excited to be documenting a little of this year with them.

Anna xx

This post is a paid partnership with Johnson's Baby however as always, all words, images and opinions are my own.