A Fresh Start


I know I have heard before that September is like the new January. To be honest I haven't felt it quite as much as I have this year.

Perhaps it's due to moving house very soon and feeling like I need to declutter and clear to help make the moving process easier. It's also the first year that I've had both girls at school and to an extent I feel like I have went back to school, filled with great intentions of how the season will go, fresh, organised and focused. We can always aim for the first week anyway and I feel like I fell at the first hurdle when I forgot to pack Bellas lunch on the first day.


I am already enjoying the structure though, or maybe the idea of it as right now we are still in the phasing in stage and there is a lot of back and forth in the car. I have set out my new expectations, replanned my diary, planned blogging workshops for this week and added a little focus and planning into this space again as I hope to have the time to invest into it.

The wardrobe swap has been done with summer dresses packed away and the cosy jumpers brought back out. I have also been updating our wardrobes with more of a focus on everyday wear that works with other items in our wardrobes too. These outfits on both the girls and I are from Matalan, I am really chuffed with the fit of the jeans (somewhere I have never tried perviously for jeans) and am in LOVE with the shoes! They also come in mustard which is my favorite colour of the season, as you see from my choice of girls pretty dresses which I was blown away by the quality at such great prices.


A change of season in many senses and I have to say, it feels pretty exciting.

Does anyone else feel like September is like a fresh start? What do you do differently?

Anna xx

Matalan kindly sponsored this blog post and some, but not all, of the items were gifted. I spotted the shoes and Bella's dress in store and just loved them!


I have attached all direct links here

Bella's Dress here

Annie's Dress here

Both girls boots  here

My jeans here

Top here

Blazer here

Bag here

Shoes here (I LOVE these and they come in Mustard and Grey also)


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