Getting the head showered


Getting the Head Showered.

It's such a Northern Irish term isn't it? But there's nothing like heading out for a crisp walk in a beautiful area especially at this time of year to clear your head, or 'showering your head' as Bella would say.

Stopping to grab a coffee and escaping from the daily hustle and bustle for a few hours is sometimes all you need to feel totally refreshed.

For about 2 years now one of our favourite places to head to is Antrim Castle Grounds for a walk, then to Clotworthy House for a bite to eat and a coffee and then head on to the Lough via Shore Road. It feels like such a hidden gem still and is so close both to home (15 minutes from Ballymena) and to Belfast (25 minutes outside Belfast).

I love reading the tales of days gone by and getting a taster of the history as we walk around.


I normally come here with the girls as they love it for a run around the large Castle Grounds and going to the Court Yard after for a freshly baked scone but in the more recent days when we have grabbed the opportunity and took the odd morning to ourselves it’s been nice to stretch the walk further to the Lough too.

There is no doubt though that autumn is my favourite season to visit.

When the colours start to change and the low light beams thorough the trees, even with a little crisp frost there is just something so magical about this place.

One thing I would say for sure is to keep an eye out on their up and coming events as the Gardens always host the best Halloween and Christmas trails for both young and old to enjoy. If you happen to be visiting the area is a lovely place for a wander around, it's always so pretty and tranquil.


Close by to the Castle Gardens is Oriel Gallery which holds art exhibitions and changes regularly, it’s also where my best friend got married so for me holds lovely memories of such a beautiful day.

If you are in the Antrim area or even close I would encourage you to have an explore, head to the Castle Grounds, then to the Oriel Art Gallery and then to the Court Yard for a spot of lunch and a cuppa and if you want to head on a little further or want to take the kids to a fab play park then head after to the Lough Shore (where there is also a coffee shop/ food stop incase a play at the park becomes hungry work!)


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Anna xx

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