We are in!!


I thought I would write a quick update as I hope to document our move and creating our forever home.

We were very lucky, from my original idea to sell our house and buy the new home (happened in the space of one day, we sale agreed to by the new home and put ours on the market the next day. you can read more of it here).

From that date to the date we moved in it was just 8 weeks (I couldn't recommend Homes Independent enough, from the photography right through to the 'no question is too silly' and opinions on decisions for the most seamless sale) This was luckily due to selling our home to buyers that had already completed on the sale of their house and us buying a new build so there was no chain with the time relying on how long we could get it all through solicitors.

I really wanted to be in for Christmas and before I started back to the day job to let everything settle. I also knew the builders wanted a quick sale and I knew this house was the home we had been looking for for years.

I have attached some pics of the 'before' here and will be updating with all the details over the coming weeks. I am currently in my sisters using her wifi as we haven't got the internet set up.

When we agreed on the sale of the new house it only had the bathroom and ensuite in which I changed to suit my taste, our builders were amazing with no request too much, even though at times I'm sure their faces were saying 'what now Anna'. We took a gamble and started to put the flooring down, tiles in and do the messy work while still living in our own home, a gamble as it was going into a house we didn't own but we had no where to move in between and I hoped to move in with the house painted and floors down. The gamble paid off with a pretty seamless move (well add in a hospital visit for a scraped cornea with Bella and then both girls coming down with Scarlett fever!) within a few days there is a bit of normality, some dust and lots of excitement from everyone.

I'll update more soon!

Anna xx